July Through My Lenses

I came to Pune in first week of July, my readers must be aware of that. Though June was very hot, July proved to be way better in terms of temperature and climate. Monsoon arrived here and we had decent amount of showers throughout the month.

As I mentioned in one of my post about being self quarantine for 14 days inside a room on 11th floor, got plenty of time to satisfy my photographic hunger. I always bid adios to the month by posting some nice photographs from it.

But before that, listing the takeaways from July :-

  • 30 days streak of Duolingo (Spanish Learning)
  • 30 days streak of Lumosity (Brain Game)
  • 30 days streak of Elevate (Brain Game)
  • Meditation using Headspace
  • Group sessions of fitness using Adidas Training with my wife and brother-in-law
  • Card and Ludo games
  • No television
  • Less reading – 2 books only
  • Witnessed 3 Rainbows and Colors of sky
  • More photography

So overall I am satisfied with how July proved to be. Now without wasting more words, here are some pictures taken during the month :-

Live Frame

Nature & City

Traffic In Night


Rainbow Over City


Twin Flight

Foggy Mountain

City Back To Normal


Sunny City


Looking Outside

I hope August to bring similar opportunities and be a good month like July. My best wishes to all of you !

Which one among these pictures is your favorite and why ? Curious to hear back 🙂


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