Changing Moods

Just like we have different moods based on the conditions around us, nature also changes its moods. Nature is no different from us in any way, we are part of it, cruel and dominant one. Sometimes its dull, sometimes bright, sometimes dark, sometimes cruel and colorful other times.

I recently arrived Pune to collect some stuff and meet my wife who got stuck due to COVID at her sister’s home. Their flat is on 11th floor, surrounded by mountains and with beautiful city view. I was home-quarantine here for 14 days as per state laws regarding COVID, which ended yesterday. I spent all these days inside my allocated room, watched beautiful, calm city from the window and took note of changing moods of the city.

My camera accompanies me everywhere, so it was placed on a small table near the window, always ready to follow my instruction. 11th floor provides a great advantage as view covers most of the city including distant mountains. I took various shots all these days, captured the city moods and here they are for you to check yourself :-

Sunny Mood

Rainy Mood

Blue-Color Mood

Misty Mood

Evening Mood

Sun-Set Mood

Filtered Mood

Night Mood

Light-Blue Filtered Mood

Cloudy-Night Mood

Lock-down Mood

Star-on-roads Mood

Bokeh Mood

Tell me which mood you liked most ? Few moods are just the creativity of camera (filter, bokeh or stars), rest are simply nature at her best.


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