5 Must Have Apps For Your Mobile

1. Kindle – Those who love reading might be familiar with this term but those always ready with excuses regarding unavailability, inaccessibility and time shortage, this app can do wonders by making their mobile a bookstore. You can either opt for Kindle unlimited subscription or just Prime membership. Both subscriptions will allow consumers to borrow books from Amazon and read at ease. It’s great to make mobile, your digital library.

iOS :-


Android :-

2. Headspace – We all know the importance of Meditation in today’s world. It should be part of our daily routine, as it gives relief to always busy mind, eases thoughts and provides a feel-good experience to the body. But many of us either don’t know how to do it or find it boring (or simply don’t have enough time). Lack of time should not be an excuse (especially in this time), so question arises- How should and from where to start ? Headspace can provide answer to this. Lessons are designed beautifully with pre-recorded voice guiding you with the process. Timing of session can be chosen (min. 3 minutes). First 10 sessions are free and thereafter it’s a free trial of 7 days for further sessions. But one can continue to practice the free sessions till need of further progress.

iOS :-


Android :-

3. Adidas Training – Maintaining health and staying fit is the biggest challenge in this lock-down. I am a regular Gym- goer but now conditions are different. To stay fit at home ,firstly you need self motivation and then either some partner or App like Adidas Training which is free of cost and comes up with number of workouts. There are videos available for each workout, free goal plans available and progress track as well. Right now it stands top in the list of my most used applications.

iOS :-


Android :-

4. Udemy – Although it’s not completely free, few courses offered are free of cost. It’s a great platform for learning new technologies. There are several video courses available pre-recorded as well as interactive. If you want to teach and earn some money, that option is also available. I recently took 2 courses on AWS (Amazon Web Service) which were easy to understand and very practical. Video download option is also available, thus whole course can be downloaded and learned offline.

iOS :-


Android :-

5. Duolingo – What’s better than learning new language in this time. Duolingo is a free app that allows user to learn languages like German, Spanish, Chinese and many more (Around 30) through interactive ways. Lessons are of short duration (1 session hardly 5 mins) with reading, writing, listening and speaking exercises, that too in funny way with pictorial representations. You just need to spend hardly 10 mins a day to learn.I am learning Spanish through it and find it very useful. Premium package is also available which is not needed though.

iOS :-


Android :-

Try these apps and share your experience. If you also know any such app, write in comment section.


6 thoughts on “5 Must Have Apps For Your Mobile

  1. A very useful article. At the moment when everyone is busy on netflix or on the similar apps. This article beautifully describes the useful activities in this lockdown period and shows us the list of beautiful apps that can help us improve our skills. Keep it up. Looking forward to your future articles.

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