Things In “Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince” Movie Different From The Book – Part 1

After finishing Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince book, 6th in the potter series, I watched the movie available on Peacock TV (they have all movies in the series, with subscription as low as 4.99 $). While previous movies were nice adaptations of the books, especially in terms of plots, this adaptation left me annoyed and frustrated since too many important details were left out deliberately or changed. I thought of sharing my observations, here is the list of key differences between book and the movie :-

1. Meeting of British PM with Magic minister :- In the book, story starts from the meeting between British PM with newly appointed magic minister Rufus Scrimgeour along with Fudge to discuss recent attacks on muggles (bridge attack) by the death eaters. Rufus warns the PM about the ongoing situation and gives him assurance of safety of muggles.

This portion was not at all mentioned in the film except the random attacks by death eaters in the city which was unnecessary.

2. No Dursleys :- Dumbledore meets Dursleys, asks for their permission and takes Harry with him for their visit to Professor Slughorn through apparition. He also tells harry about the house, property and elf kreacher who all belongs to him now after the death of Sirius Black.

Surprisingly there were no Dursleys in the movie. Harry meets Dumbledore at a train station instead of his uncle’s house. Dureleys are funny and their presence is very much needed in the story.

3. Dumbledore’s private lessons to Harry :- After their visit to Professor and returning Harry safely to Weasleys, Dumbledore actually asks Harry to take private lessons with him. And throughout the story, he sends him messages about the timings of the lessons through different students.

This portion is smartly removed from the movie and interaction between Harry and Dumbledore in his office is shown as just a random meeting instead of multiple sessions between them.

4. Death eaters attack at Weasley’s – There is no such mention of death eaters attack at the burrow which is filmed in the movie when death eaters try to abduct harry potter and Lupin and other members come to his rescue.

5. Bill Weasley’s love affair with Fleur Delacour :- When Harry arrives at Weasleys’ home, he meets with a new member of the family – Fleur Delacour who is in love with Bill Weasley and planning for the marriage. No one in the family likes her due to her superior, arrogant and rude behavior. There is a lot about the dynamics between her and Weasleys in the book.

This character was not even mentioned in the movie. Fleur is the same girl from Beauxbatons who participated in Triwizard tournament in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

6. Train Incident between Harry & Malfoy :- This is one of the point where huge changes were made with the story. As per book, Professor Slughorn invites Harry along with some other students from famous wizarding background in his cabin for a small meeting (Slughorn Club). After returning from the meeting, Harry goes to Slytherin compartment in his invisibility cloak and hides beside luggage. He overhears Malfoy’s conversation and when everyone from the compartment leaves for the school, Malfoy discovers and freezes him. Thanks to Nymphadora Tonks who finds harry and save him from going back to London in the frozen state. They have to actually jump out of the running train.

In the Movie, harry never meets professor Slughorn and directly goes to Malfoy’s compartment. He wears the cloak at the last minute and at last after Malfoy’s curse, Luna Lovegood comes to her rescue instead of Tonks.

7. Quidditch cup win by Ginny Weasley – Harry was having very strong feeling for Ginny but was reluctant to accept due to her being sister of his best friend. He doesn’t play for Gryffindor due to detention with Professor Snape and it was actually Ginny as their seeker who helps in winning the game against Ravenclaws. This point was very crucial as Harry kisses Ginny in front of everyone during celebration and Ron though bit hesitant, gives them his nod.

There is no such portion in the movie, actually there is only one quidditch cup match shown in which Ron supposedly take Liquid Luck potion. Also Ginny is shown to kiss Harry when they try to hide the Half Blood Prince’s book which was never the case as per book.

8. Harry’s continuous attempts to find out Malfoy’s intentions :- Throughout the plot of the story, Harry is suspicious of Malfoy as he hears his conversations inside train, in Borgin and Burkes and with Snape. He also raises his concern (Malfoy being a death eater) to Arthur Weasley and Dumbledore and tells the same to Hermione and Ron, but no one believes him. He uses his invisibility cloak numerous times and even finds out where Malfoy is disappearing almost every day. He tries to open Room of Requirement several times to uncover truth but all in vain. He was so curious to find out about Malfoy, that he forgets to collect professor Slughorn’s memory. Hermione continuously asks him to focus on the given task. Finally Dumbledore expresses his displeasure to Harry for his carelessness that brings him back on track.

In the movie, all these attempts are shown to bare minimum. Harry simply chases Malfoy and almost from the start of the movie, it is revealed Malfoy is trying to open some kind of passage. There is very less mention of Room of Requirement and actually no use of invisibility cloak. Seems like directors were not very impressed with the cloak. 🙂

9. Crabbe & Goyle help for Malfoy :- Crabbe & Goyle actually have an important role in the story. They used to guard the Room of Requirement when Malfoy was inside. To avoid suspicion they actually took the form of girls and there was also one instance when Hermione and Harry meets them but couldn’t identify them. It was them who help Malfoy to carry out his experiments.

Best buddies of Malfoy has nothing to do in the movie. There are just 2-3 scenes of them simply sitting like idiots.

10. Dumbledore’s memories for Harry :- During the private lessons, Dumbledore shows few memories to Harry. One is related to Dumbledore’s meeting with kid Tom Riddle (Lord Voldemort), other is professor Slughorn’s memory about Tom riddle’s curiosity for Horcrux and few other memories are related with Tom Riddle’s family – his mother, father, grandfather and maternal uncle. Those memories were very crucial to know completely about Voldemort. How he was connected to Slytherin family ? how he was a Parselmouth ? How he possessed his second Horcrux ring ? Who was his mother and why he hated his father ? How he became orphanage ?How did he murdered his father and blamed his maternal uncle ? What job he did after schooling and what murders he committed before creating Horcruxes. This was very crucial information completely left out in the movie.

In the movie, first two mentioned memories were filmed which provided very basic idea about Tom riddle. Without Tom’s family background it is hard to understand him and his hatred towards muggles and half bloods.

So these were few points that made huge differences in both mediums. I will share more points in my next post. Stay tuned !!!

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Happy Reading ! Keep Traveling !!!

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