Rainy August

As I hoped, August started on a high note. Since past two days we are receiving heavy rainfall, which cooled down the temperature considerably.

It may sound great, but this resulted water logging issues in Mumbai who witnessed second highest rainfall on a day in August in a decade. Residents are advised to remain at home unless emergencies. This is also causing problems to COVID patients and medical staff due to disruption in various services.

What’s impacted :-

  • Local trains
  • All establishments and offices
  • Few highways (landslides)
  • Road traffic

Rains in Maharashtra (especially Mumbai) is always challenging, it’s always too much as compared to other parts of India and due to poor drainage system, every year mumbaikers face the similar situations.

Since I am in Pune which is not that worst and I don’t go outside too much, it’s good here. I hope, this downpour comes under control soon, so that everyone can enjoy the weather like me 🙂 .

As usual, I worked with my camera to capture some beautiful shots (208 in total) during yesterday. Below are few, worth sharing, out of them :-

First Flight – Pigeon trying to land successfully on the roof near my apartment from another one. Guess what ! He made it , LOL

Malfunction – Poor guy, in the heavy downpour, scooty stopped working and he is trying hard to fix it. He is basically dragging it till he finds a shop or reach his destination.

Forced Bath – She seems not to like being wet. Loved her wet feathers and looks 🙂

Pinnacle – Sitting on top, feeling like King. This particular dude, loves to sit here, making me believe he is the leader of the flock or at least he thinks that way 🙂

Mountain And The City – Scenic view of mountain with tall building trying to cover it. Notice the temple on top of mountain, would have loved to visit it, if not in COVID era.

Polished Roads – Polished road and running traffic.

Colorful Shopping – Shopping complex seems to be polished and colorful. Old but beautiful. This is the same complex, we generally go for daily needs.

Cityview – City also seems to be cleaner after continuous rainfall. Whereas one side of road is packed, on the other side, there is single vehicle.

Shutters – Another view of the Shopping Complex. Notice the shutters of various shops and a single lady on top left corner. Don’t know why but I loved this picture.

Illumination – Highway illuminated by vehicle lights, creating lovely pattern

While writing this blog, I can still hear the music of rain coming from the room’s window. Not sure how long it will continue, but one thing is sure, I will get more shots like this 🙂

Hope you liked the post


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