Rainy August

As I hoped, August started on a high note. Since past two days we are receiving heavy rainfall, which cooled down the temperature considerably. It may sound great, but this resulted water logging issues in Mumbai who witnessed second highest rainfall on a day in August in a decade. Residents are advised to remain atContinue reading “Rainy August”

July Through My Lenses

I came to Pune in first week of July, my readers must be aware of that. Though June was very hot, July proved to be way better in terms of temperature and climate. Monsoon arrived here and we had decent amount of showers throughout the month. As I mentioned in one of my post aboutContinue reading “July Through My Lenses”

Great Garden of the Gods

In continuation of our Colorado series, today we will sneak peek into Garden of the Gods. When we first visited Colorado (RMNP) in year 2018, heard about this place and even thought of visiting, but due to limited time couldn’t go. In last year’s trip we finally covered it along with Great Sand Dunes, BlackContinue reading “Great Garden of the Gods”

Colorful Week

To be very frank, I never thought of writing this particular post so soon, especially after moods. But I couldn’t resist, as since past two days climate is so beautiful, especially at evening time (I am not a morning person 🙂 ). Those brilliant-calm colors are still live in my brain. Most of you whoContinue reading “Colorful Week”

Changing Moods

Just like we have different moods based on the conditions around us, nature also changes its moods. Nature is no different from us in any way, we are part of it, cruel and dominant one. Sometimes its dull, sometimes bright, sometimes dark, sometimes cruel and colorful other times. I recently arrived Pune to collect someContinue reading “Changing Moods”

Black Canyon Of Gunnison

Since I wrote about my last year’s Colorado trip in previous two posts – Great Sand Dunes National Park and Respite from Heat , I decided to share remaining places we covered. Today I am going to share about another national park in Colorado – Black Canyon Of Gunnison National Park, which was actually first pointContinue reading “Black Canyon Of Gunnison”

Domestic Travel In India During COVID

Recently I took a domestic flight from Delhi to Pune through Air India Airline. It was my first day outside home, since March. Everything seemed normal but weird, nothing like before. Even though more people can be seen on the roads, shops are open, transport is busy and travelers are moving here and there withContinue reading “Domestic Travel In India During COVID”