5 Things To Do In Jackson Hole In Winter

Jackson hole, a town with the reputation of being luxurious, costly and very close to nature. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Sandra Bullock, Tiger Woods and lot many are proud owners of rich properties in the area. There is too much to do in the town that you can’t get over with it. Here are the the top 5 best things you can do in Jackson Hole in winter :-

1. Visit Grand Teton National Park – Our prime reason to visit Jackson Hole was to cover this beautiful national park. Though park is not that vast (just 484 sq. miles) as compared to others, it still leaves you spellbound with it’s enormous beauty. Teton mountain range looks stunning in the winter, beautifully covered with snow and fog. Just 5-7 mins drive away from Jackson Hole, park starts and provides an ample opportunity to view wildlife like bison, elk, moose, coyote, red fox, eagle, bear (it’s a bear county) and lot many thriving in its environment. If possible, take any wildlife tour in the winter, tour guides know very well where to spot them. If you are lucky, you might spot a bear, but winter is their hibernation time, so chances are slim. Most parts of park are closed for the season, few being open specifically for skiers and tour companies, but one can still enjoy winter beauty. There are plenty of locations for photography, wildlife watching and exploration.

Grand Teton National Park Sign

Beautiful Teton Mountain Range

2. Visit National Wildlife Refuge – I have covered this place in detail in my earlier post – National Elk Refuge – What To Expect. You might not have seen elks in such a big group from so close. Each year, in the winter, these creatures migrate to National Wildlife Refuge giving tourists, nature lovers and photographers a great chance to witness the migration. Best way to get close to them is through horse sleigh tour which costs 27$ per adult and lasts for approx. 45 min. Place is just before the Grant Teton National Park, so can be covered prior to your trip to national park. You might see coyote, red fox, bison or eagle as well in the refuge center.

Elks resting in National Wildlife Refuge

3. Visit Miller butte – While we were capturing the beauty of Teton Mountain Range from a viewpoint, got to know about Miller butte from a local tourist. This area is basically at the back side of National Wildlife Refuge and may get unnoticed if you are not aware of it. Place is mainly famous for big-horn sheep. While Elks enjoy their time in the plains of refuge, these little fellows mainly stay on cliffs which surrounds the refuge area. Either hike or drive towards the back of refuge and it’s quiet a scenic drive. There is no entrance fee as well. You are sure to see herds of big-horn sheep along with eagles and other small animals. This place is definitely worth visit.

Big Horn Sheep in Miller Butte

Big Horn Sheep herd enjoying their time

4. Winter sports – Skiing in the area is quiet popular and its resorts have good reputation for providing world class entertainment. Three most famous ski resorts are Snow king, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort and Grand Targhee Resort. JHMR is considered as North America’s most expensive ski resorts. There are so many activities to do like skiing, snowboarding, riding, sliding etc. They also provide an amazing view of the Grand Teton from the top. Winter cowboy coaster is very popular in Snow King, enjoy it during sun set to view beautiful Teton mountain range. There are also tour companies which provide winter activities in the park like snowmobile or day trips from Teton to Yellowstone.

Skiers in the Teton Park

Snow King Resort in the background

5. Shopping & Dinning – Last but not least is shopping and dinning in the area. Downtown is very beautiful and small, it is really fun to roam around in the streets. There are multiple restaurants of every range in the area. Mexican, Chinese, Thai, American were some cuisines we tried during our stay. Local coffee shops along with Starbucks are also in the area. There are various clothing stores, ski gear and accessories shops along with gift shops. Jackson Mercantile is one of the best gift shop in the area, they really have some unique items. Elk Antler Arches in the corner of George Washington Memorial Park are very beautiful and attractive. There are 4 such arches at each corner of the park. There is also an ice skating area inside the park where you can have great time. Rentals are also available in the park. Jackson Hole is really a place you can’t go wrong with.

Elk Antler Arch – Town Square

In the downtown

Even though most of the tourists prefer to visit the place in Summer, Winter can be a great option if you are willing to explore it.

Happy Reading ! Keep Traveling !!!

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