Best Place To See Sunset In Omaha

Last Saturday it was good sunny day as opposed to harsh winter of OMAHA, so I planned to go Zorinsky lake park to spend some time in nature alone. I wanted to see sunset behind the lake and what’s best place than Zorinsky.

Zorinski lake park is 15-20 mins drive from my house and to take advantage of sunny day I left at 4 PM, ready for sun warmth. How can I leave my camera for capturing the beautiful scenes during the hike on lake trail.

I reached there at around 4:20 and saw many cars parked, more than I expected. I put my gloves and cap on, camera in neck and backpack filled with protein bars, water and other necessary items. Lake loop trail is about 7 miles with beautiful views and rich wildlife. Most of the guys were hiking or running, some with dogs too. Below are few pictures I took at the start of trail.

It was really beautiful out there, thank god it was a perfect sunny day. Even though there was chill in the surrounding, but still manageable. I decided to cover the loop trail but spent most of the time taking shots, so was moving with very slow pace ๐Ÿ™‚ . To avoid the distraction, I put my cellphone on Airplane mode and started towards the lake. There was a bench just at the bank of lake, where I spent few minutes.

After spending time across the lake, I moved forward towards the trail passing through the neighborhood. That area was perfect for bird watching, since sun was already going down the horizon, got some beautiful pictures. If you love photography, you might know Golden hour and Blue Hour are the best times for pictures.

To get some beautiful sun set pictures I returned to the way I came through and was literally running so as not to miss the chance. Moon was also visible in the sky. When I reached in the open space again, WOW that was beautiful, amazing and indescribable. I took numerous shots, wasn’t able to resist myself.

It was getting late and park was almost empty so I started moving towards my car. But as I said, it was so beautiful, that I was still taking photos while turning back. Somehow I reached my Car ๐Ÿ™‚ . Even though wanted to sit and enjoy few more moments but couldn’t do due to the cold. I will revisit the place soon on some other sunny day.

Do you also like spending time in nature and taking photographs ? Do you prefer Golden Hour or Blue Hour ?

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