Zorinsky Lake In Winter

On our recent day-trip to Zorinsky Lake, Omaha , we got the opportunity to enjoy the sunshine while admiring the nature’s beauty. Temperature is on continuous decline and especially after few snow-storms, a day full of sunshine is nothing less than a blessing. Our only activity is within the apartment which is daily step goal (12000 steps) along with some occasional full body workout. It was time to come out of our cocoon.

I covered the park back in September, check this out . In September, while lake was flowing very quietly with elegance and was the prime attraction for boating and fishing, this time it was frozen and due to harsh sunlight, was melting from some points. It was still not ready for winter fun.

We threw some hard snow on the surface and compete with each other to make them reach farthest and they slipped smoothly over the surface. Here is a fun video of a snowball who slid on the surface before breaking into tiny balls :-

Frozen Zorinskly Lake

Park was not that crowded, so it was quiet safe to hike. We used to cover our faces with masks, whenever we had to encounter someone on the trek. Most of the crowd was busy in hiking, running or cycling and I as usual busy with my camera. Harmit got bored due to my slow pace and started her jogging. I made sure, she doesn’t go too far from me. Due to the recent melting, there were beautiful patterns in the lake, depicting the intermixing of ice and water.

Going away !

Snowball path



Main entrance of the park was also very less crowded. We went to the small fishing dock. No one was fishing there and it was covered with snow. Lake was totally frozen across it, we again threw some snowballs on the lake surface and aimed for different directions. There was a particular area in the lake, very near from the dock, looking like crushed ice, like someone has crushed that part with hammer making it unique.

Speed sign & Lake

Frozen Dock

From the Fishing dock

Crushed Lake

We had to return before sunset to our parking spot, so after taking pictures we headed back. We wanted to sit and watch sunset, so moved at a faster pace. On the way, I took multiple pictures with sun ready to go beyond horizon and spreading it rays one more time before being captured by darkness.

A Man & Dog

Sunset Hour

Rays and Reflection

Just above the Horizon

Unfortunately we couldn’t reach on time, so had to content with some post sunset shots. Anyways those shots were also beautiful and mesmerizing.

Blue Hour


Peace & Beauty


Have you visited any park or place recently ? How was the experience ?

Happy Reading ! Keep Traveling !!!

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