Calendar 2020

Calendars are attractive due to the beautiful pictures inside them. Being a PETA member, I receive PETA calendar every year, with pictures of rescued animals. There is always an excitement when a month ends, just to see the picture on next month’s page. Calendars with pictures of nature and wildlife always fascinate me. Inspired by this, I created a calendar with my favorite shots from each month of 2020.

1. January


2. February

Moment of flight

3. March

Towards the Horizon

4. April


5. May


6. June

Sky is Pink

7. July

Fighting Club

8. August

Leaves in Fire

9. September


10. October

Master of Mischief

11. November

Bridge on Freeze

12. December

Ice cottage

Which 3 months are most beautiful based on the pictures posted ? Also which month is the least attractive ? Leave you comments.

Happy Reading ! Keep Traveling !!!

3 thoughts on “Calendar 2020

  1. My 2020 calendar featured beautiful hummingbirds each month and I never cheated or looked ahead. I loved it. My 2021 is also of birds and January’s is gorgeous. I will wait for February’s. It’s something to look forward to no matter what else is going on.

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