Zorinsky Lake – Best Sunset View In Omaha

It’s been a while, since I spent some time in Nature. My balcony is the only place, where I can breathe some fresh air. I love watching those birds fighting, playing and feeding in my balcony. Just because of them, I am able to feel connected to the Nature somehow.

This Saturday, I finally decided to come out of my hole. Next thing was to decide a place, where I can spend the day. There are many beautiful parks in Omaha, I chose Zorinsky Lake Park. Who don’t like to be in the silence of a beautiful lake. My camera was also hungry and I had to provide for him. My poor fellow !

I left for the park at 5:30 PM. Lake is just 20 min drive away from my house, so I reached there before 6 PM. I kept extra lens and small water bottle in my jeans pockets, camera filters and other accessories in travel pouch, and got ready for the adventure. 😊

Zorinsky Lake Trail

Park was not too crowded, but still there were some fellows like me, enjoying time outside. I chose a trail and started the hike in hope of some picturesque views. Trail was very beautiful, surrounded by dense green-trees, giving it a touch of a forest. I can’t wait to see it in the Fall season.

Beautiful Zorinsky Trail

The trail was of nearly 3 miles. My goal was to reach the dead-end, and then to return back to view Sunset. I kept my pace so as not to be late in return. I took various shots during this little exploration.

Dense Mini Forest

Giant Trees

Beauty In Green

Once I was out of that beautiful, rich tree-lined trail, a new trail emerged. Trail was quiet high from the ground, left side of it was parallel to city road, while right side was close to the lake.

Lake Trail

Hardly 10-15 mins from the end of this trail, was the second entrance of the park. There were big playing grounds for Soccer and Football. In the background of these playgrounds, arrival of Fall season was noticeable.

Parking and Playing Ground

Close to the entrance, there were some picnic tables, restrooms and a beautiful pier. There were more people at this side, a big group was having picnic, while another group was involved in a professional photo-shoot. There were few guys fishing at the pier. I spent some time there, took various pictures and started for the trail again. It was time to return.

Pier – Fishing Area

This time I walked close to the lake rather than flat surface of trail. There were various sunflowers plants at the shore which were complimenting the lake.


Sunset was very close and I didn’t want to miss that, so I hurried back. Two guys were enjoying boating, their presence at that time, enhanced the beauty of the lake.

Two Guys Boating in the Lake

I was moving very fast now, sun was going down quickly, it was just a matter of minutes. In below two pictures, notice the movement, both pictures were taken within a minute.

Just before Horizon

Stuck In Trees

So finally I was back to the place (starting point of hike) on time. Colors had just started appearing, it was the Golden Hour. I walked towards a bench in front of the lake, to capture those beautiful moments. Just then, one of my office mate, who was also there, riding bicycle, called me. We had little chat and then both parted our ways.

Golden Hour – Beautiful Lake

Reflections of Color

Clouds and Trees

Sky is Pink

Reflection, Trees and Birds

Within few minutes, everything was over and Blue Hour began, which was as beautiful as Golden Hour. Importance of these hours for photography is not a secret.

Beyond Horizon

Blue Hour – Zorinsky Lake

Just Before the Darkness


I wanted to spent more time, but it was already 7:45 PM, so I had to convince myself. There were only 2-3 cars in the parking lot at this time. I put camera and other things in the car and started for home, with sparkles in the eyes.

Here are the things to do in the park :-

Things To Do :-

  • Fishing
  • Boating (no-wake only)
  • Hiking
  • Biking
  • Soccer
  • Football
  • Picnic

So if you are in Omaha and want to spend a day outdoor, this park should be in your list. It offers best sunset view in Omaha.

Happy Reading ! Keep Traveling !!!

9 thoughts on “Zorinsky Lake – Best Sunset View In Omaha

  1. I wish i was there with u. Thanks for sharing these awesome beautiful pictures. I m speechless at the moment. The pink sky has taken me through a range of emotions. Loved all the pictures. The sunset view is just out of the world. Keep up the good work.

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