Happy Halloween !!!

Halloween is the day when we celebrate the existence of ghosts and love to haunt others or get haunted. It’s basically the night of dead and we remember them playfully, hoping none of them stays longer than this night with us. Halloween is more of a fun for most of us, where we get chance to carve, throw some parties, wear costumes and do pranks.

Sadly I never been part of any of these activities till now. This year we decided to carve pumpkins and put them in our balcony. We are not aware of any Halloween parties this year, even if happening in COVID. So this year’s Halloween is all about carving 🙂

Our step-by-step video tutorial of carving (with pictures) 😀

Initial Stage

Carving Time

Time for Show

With Our Pumpkins

All Set

Isn’t It Scary ?

Our society put a bunny statue with trick or treat bucket near elevators. We were waiting for someone to knock our door, but were not sure about it due to COVID restrictions. When I noticed the bunny near elevator, we put candies (bought from Walmart this evening only) in his bucket. That’s how we wished Halloween to the kids of our society.

What you did on this Halloween ? Would love to hear back.

Happy Reading ! Keep Traveling !!!

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