Colorful Memories

As I mentioned in previous blog, we have been to Colorado this month, just to take a break from daily routine. Plan was to be in nature, especially when leaves are turning into an array of beautiful colors and what’s better than Colorado.

Rocky Mountain National Park was temporarily closed due to ongoing wildfires in the region, so we couldn’t witness park’s beauty, but there are so many such places in Colorado, that you can never be out of options.

We visited the places in Boulder and Denver vicinity. Estes park is very close to Boulder and so is RMNP, but as I said, we preferred to stay out of that part. Memories of the trip are still fresh, thought of revisiting them with you through pictures 😊

Beautiful Bird And Yellow Leaves

Ready For Flight

Web Of Branches

In Search Of Something

Reflection Of Colors

Reddish Zone

Yellow Under Blue Sky

Surrounded By Colors

Tree At Entrance

Our Stay In Boulder

Which one of them, you loved most and why ?

Happy Reading ! Keep Traveling !!!

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  1. Beautiful photos, they get me to miss the autumn now when it only gets darker and closer to winter here in Sweden. 🙂

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    1. harpiytravel says:

      Thanks Jesper for the appreciation. Yup winter is coming 😀 and so the darkness

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