August Through My Lenses

One more down ! Four more to go.

August was crucial month for me, as I was able to return to U.S. after spending nearly 5 months in India. This was the month, when things came back to normal, be it ease in lock-down or flights operations.

I spent first week in Mumbai and rest of the month here. After reaching here safely, I had to quarantine myself for 14 days which limited my view area to my balcony. I observed almost everything from the balcony, even spotted a bunny an evening.

After 14 days, I went out just once to get groceries from Costco, Walmart and Indian store. I love to walk, go to nearby park and take photographs but for now preferring to be inside only, Why? You know the answer 😊

Passed this whole time with my camera, my best buddy who never leaves me alone. Hey ! Why I am talking this much ? better my photos do the rest of the talk :-


Windows & Balconies

Happy Morning !

Vibrant Grass

What’s This ? Can I Taste It ?


Spot Me

At Dusk

In The Dark

All these pictures are taken from my balcony except first two, which were in Mumbai. I tried to capture whatever I can and shared my favorites among hundreds of them.

Which picture you liked the most and why ? Would love to see August from your lenses 🙂

Happy Reading !

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