Real Or Dream ?

Lying in my bed, woke up from last night’s sleep, ready to start my day, I slowly opened the eyes. There is hell lot of sun-light in the room, actually it’s quiet late (never been an early riser).

Everything looks normal, except the fact that I am sweating profusely. May be just a nightmare (oh boy ! real nightmare is going to start soon), they are common, aren’t they ?

I sleep on a mattress on bedroom floor, so I tried pushing my left hand in mattress in order to get up, but hand is just dead, totally unresponsive. I don’t feel it even after trying hard. I try for right hand, same result.

Am I dreaming or is it real ? How to know that ? My body is not in my control. After some struggle, came to my senses and found out that someone is sitting on my chest. He got a strong hold of me. I try my best to get up and throw him away but he is too strong to topple. I don’t see him but can feel for sure and I am not a psycho. It’s happening in real (oh ! lord). My mind started processing and gave me horrors by providing some dreadful visuals. I really don’t know what to do. Crying for help is the only viable solution.

I started shouting at the top of my lungs, my chest puffing like a gas balloon, but nothing came out from my mouth, no voice, just some air. Only I know the internal struggle, he witnessed all this while sitting on me and pushing me down.

I asked him what he actually wants (brain to brain communication) ? He didn’t responded but maintained his heavy grip on me. He is very strong and rigid. I begged to God to help me out of this situation.

When nothing happened, I just closed my eyes. I can’t be in this frightening state for long, better not to see it. Let him to do what he wants.

Few moments later, he was gone like a passing breeze and everything went quiet again. No more struggle, no heaviness and best thing my hands were responding. I got up from the bed, still afraid and surprised about what happened.

Went to washroom, relieved myself and saw in the mirror, if there is someone that can be spotted, just like in Mirrors movie (my mirror version will stare and try to kill me ). But to my luck, nothing such happened. I went directly to my worship place and asked blessings from God.

I was now so sure of presence of a ghost in my house that I was thinking of options for next night. But my technical and smart mind was not ready to accept this. I opened my laptop and googled about this incident with proper search keywords (my searching skill is really good 🙂 ) and got the cause of this incident – Sleep Paralysis.

Sleep Paralysis is a state where your mind is awake but body isn’t, just opposite of Sleep Walking where body is awake but mind is still in sleep. People hallucinate in this state and feel very helpless. Based on the imaginative power of brain, one can imagine anything horrible, in most cases a ghost. Good thing is that it don’t lasts more than 2-3 minutes.

Have you experienced Sleep paralysis ? Would love to hear your experiences 🙂

Happy Reading !

4 thoughts on “Real Or Dream ?

  1. Happened with me, i guess, 6 or 7 times. I felt as if i was being strangled. The experience was horrible. Dont want it to happen again. Thanks to you that i got to know that there was no ghost. 😂. Very informative article. Keep it up. Keep writing. All d best

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