September Through My Lenses

While I spent most of August within the boundaries of my apartment ( including 14 days quarantine), September came up with some sense of freedom and happiness in boring life. It also marked the arrival of Fall season, thus more opportunities to capture the beauty of wonderful nature. Leaves are still changing colors in Omaha, we will see more colors in October. Temperature also went down considerably, witnessed some rain too.

Highlights of the Month :-

  • My wife finally returned to U.S. ,after emergency visa approval
  • Spent quality time outdoors -> Zorinsky Lake park and Elmwood park
  • Visible Fall season effect, more colors of nature
  • Experimented with my camera lenses and filters
  • Friends gathering in public park
  • Bird Watching – Songbird and White breasted nuthatch
  • Visited Bob Pedestrian bridge

Most of the moments are captured through my Camera. Below pictures summarize the beauty and elegance of the month :-

Which picture you liked most ? Leave in comment section.

Happy Reading ! Keep Traveling !!!

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