Colorful Week

To be very frank, I never thought of writing this particular post so soon, especially after moods. But I couldn’t resist, as since past two days climate is so beautiful, especially at evening time (I am not a morning person 🙂 ). Those brilliant-calm colors are still live in my brain.

Most of you who have interest in Photography, might know, the best times to shoot are during Blue Hours and Golden Hours which occur twice a day.

Blue Hour – Time before sunrise and after sunset

– Variety of Cold colors especially blue, orange

Golden Hour – Time after sunrise and before sunset

– Variety of Warm colors especially red, yellow

As I said earlier, past two days were very beautiful and I was ready with my Sony Alpha a6500 to take some nice shots. Here you go :-

Day 1 – Golden Hour

Day 1 – Blue Hour

Day 2 – Golden Hour – Initial

Day 2 – Golden Hour – Mid

Day 2 – Golden Hour – Mix-Pink

Day 2 – Golden Hour – Violet

Nice thing about these pics is that they are without any kind of editing, just plain natural. Nature is so beautiful that sometimes it surprises us and make us say WOW !

Which one out of these is your favorite? Leave your comment.


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