A Day At Omaha Zoo

Last weekend I went to zoo as I had zoo pass (from the library) and temperature was also good(+11 degree). Wanted to make this day memorable and I really love to be around animals (Don’t support captivity though).

Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium is famous for its structure and large number of species in it. It’s so big that , its quiet difficult to cover whole area in a day ,so generally you need to go twice or thrice to see it all. Since I have been there more than 4 times, it was easy to cover the whole in a day as I know which area is for what.

Zoo is divided into multiple sections, I have listed top 10 from the area :-

1. Lied Jungle – It’s my favorite section of the zoo. Setup of this area is of a rain forest jungle with waterfall, lots of trees, ponds and exotic animals like squirrel monkey, bearded monkey, tapir, birds, bats , stingrays, alligator, snakes (Anaconda as well), tortoise, hippos and many more. As soon as you enter the area, you feel the humidity and hear the sound of rain. It’s a great simulation.

2. Desert dome It’s the most visible area of the zoo, great architecture and huge (You will notice it from the highway) so that it can be seen from distance. As the name suggests, dome is full of dessert animals like Kangaroo, birds, bobcat, fox, meerkats, goats, insects (spiders, scorpions etc ) and desert plants. One will get the chance to understand life in deserts. Simply a great place.

3. Kingdom of the night – At the exit of Desert dome, on the right side you will find this section. Reason I mentioned specifically the directions, I somehow missed this place every time (4 times) I been there. You might have already guessed, this portion is designed for our night loving animals. It’s build is very unique with low lights, wreckage setup and bridges to move from one end to another. There are alligators, caimans, fishes, turtles, bats, tarsiers and many more. You have to see very closely to the life there due to darkness.

4. Butterfly and insect pavallian – This section is most beautiful among all, visitor gets chance to be in environment with lots of beautiful butterflies flying around. There are fruits kept for them, you can see them sitting on fruits and sometimes they sit on you, One has to be very cautious not to run over them. At the exit there is portion of different kind of insects like crickets, worms, centipedes, millipedes, spiders, roaches, bugs and many more. You will also see the butterfly cocoons under supervision of staff members.

5. Asian Highlands – This is the new addition to the zoo, opened in 2019 for public. It is scattered in huge space with Asian animals like black bear, snow leopard, tiger, cranes, goats, red panda (cutest among all), rhino etc. They have setup this area beautifully with the aroma of Asian culture; old temple structures and yeti area (restaurant and great for selfies). Really a nice addition.

6. African savanna – Now this one is the habitat of famous African animal kingdom. There are big enclosures for African Lions, Cheetahs, Elephants, Giraffes, Zebras, Rhinos, Antelopes and Deer. Visitors will definitely loved this area due to all those big powerful animals. There is also a restaurant in the area which has bit flavors of Africa.

7. Scott aquarium – This section is also very popular among tourists. Aquarium is big with all sea creatures that includes Dolphins, Whales, Sharks, Tortoises, all sizes of fishes, Sea horse, Jelly Fishes and such. Most beautiful place is the aquatic glass panel pathway with all sort of fishes and creatures moving in the surrounding, over your head. That’s the most amazing experience one can have. Make sure to visit this section while you are there.

8. Wild kingdom – Just at the entrance is Wild Kingdom which is not that big, They have snakes, spiders, frogs, fishes, mice , some educational stuff and few skeletons. So basically this enclosure is small with tiny animal word.

9. Gorilla valley – This is something every visitor must visit. I am sure everyone loves Gorillas, so here is the treat. This whole section is for Gorillas along with educational stuff that involves puzzles, questions and Skeletons of Gorillas. You will definitely love to see powerful creature and it’s close resemblance to us.

10. Orangutans enclosure – Just in front of Gorilla Valley is this section which is home to many Orangutans. They are so cute and human like that you will simple adore them. Kids will also love the place.

That’s not all. Listed ones are the most important sections of the Zoo, Other than this there is Lemur island, Simmons aviary, Madagascar expedition, Sea Lion pavilion and various kids related activities plus sculptures for photos and selfies.

If you are visiting Omaha , this place should be top on your list.

Leave you comment which section is of interest of you.

Peace …

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