National Park Week – Day 4

In this post, we would be sharing the pictures of two national parks we visited during our trip to Colorado in 2019. The memories of that trip are still fresh. We also visited many famous places in Colorado Springs along with these 2 national parks.

The first national park we covered on that trip was the Black Canyon Of Gunnison and the other was Great Sand Dunes national park. At that time we were in the initial phase of our photography and Canon point-and-shoot was our companion. The photos might seem a little dull to you 🙂

Below are the pictures from those 2 parks:-

Spiral Path, Black Canyon, 2019

Valley, Black Canyon, 2019

Huge & Deep, Black Canyon, 2019

Viewpoint, Black Canyon, 2019

At The Edge, Black Canyon, 2019

Layers, Sand Dunes, 2019

In Action, Sand Dunes, 2019

Carving Path, Sand Dunes, 2019

Ascend, Sand Dunes, 2019

Creek, Sand Dunes, 2019

Have you visited these national parks yet? If yes, how was the experience?

Happy Reading! Keep Traveling !!!

3 thoughts on “National Park Week – Day 4

    1. Wow that’s great. The Colorado is our favorite place for outdoors. You will love it. Talking about cities, Chicago and Boston are our favorites in terms of architecture and history.


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