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Black lives matter…

I find interesting stuff when I look through my files. I just came on a column I wrote in 1992 which my then-editor called: ‘Prejudice and bigotry … Black lives matter… Deep reflection of our Society … Let’s change this together and create a world without the boundaries of race, sex, religion, color or nationality….

Emergency Request – Visa Interview

My visa Interview was scheduled for Sep 4 at 8:30 AM. This time too, just like my Biometrics interview, I had pre-booked a taxi, which came on time and we left for US Embassy (Mumbai) at 6:00 AM. Traffic was very light, so we reached embassy at around 8:15 AM (my residence is very far…

Explore Colorado – Perfect 5 Day Itinerary

Colorado always tops the list of our favorite places. If you love being in nature, Colorado is your place. Each time you go there, you will find something different. As I always say – “Colorado never disappoints”. Earlier we visited RMNP (Rocky Mountain National Park), which was actually our first road trip in USA. This…

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