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Goodreads Of June 2021

I know, I am very late for this post. July is about to finish and I am still talking about June’s Goodreads. Pardon me for the delay, I was really busy these days mainly due to a recent job change. I read a total of 11 books in June month, this time mostly on Kindle. There is…

After-Effects Of The Storm

In the last post, I shared our experience with the Storm. By now most of the things are back to normal. As per the latest reports from OPPD this Friday, all power outages from the area are restored. Still, restoration work is going on in various parks and common trails. 2 days after the storm,…

Wrath Of Nature

We decided to spent full day in Ponca State Park, Nebraska and were actually discussing about the food items to bring for our picnic on the night of 9th July. In an instant, it went complete dark and only lights available were the continuous lightnings flashing over our faces from outside. It was the beginning…

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