The Best Photographs Of 2021

We can’t complain much, we did a lot of trips in 2021 which resulted in a beautiful collection of memories in form of pictures. We never forget to keep our Sony A6500 camera on all those trips. We made sure to keep a tripod, extra batteries, and lenses with us. Our love for the outdoor is not a secret and that’s the reason the top pictures chosen from last year are mostly landscapes.

We have selected 12 pictures from an array of pictures collected throughout the year. Each picture taken is close to our heart and in terms of photography, another step of progression.

1. Evening Glow – This photo was taken while returning from Yellowstone national park to Grand Tetons national park. There is around 1-hour drive from Grand Tetons to Yellowstone, so we decided to take it. The trip was in winter, so too much ice on the roads. It was getting darker so we decided to head back to Tetons from halfway. Just then we noticed these natural colors from the side mirrors of our car. We stopped and captured the scenic beauty.

2. Ferry – One more trip to Grand Tetons, this time in summer. Jenny lake is one of the most famous points in the national park. The ferry is one of the ways to explore Hidden falls, Inspiration point, and Cascade Canyon. We took this shot from the Inspiration Point. We loved those ripples in the water produced by beautiful boat. To know more about the spots, check this out – In the Grand Tetons

3. Aligned – Most of you must be aware of Zorinsky Lake Park, Omaha which featured on our blog multiple times. We love hiking there and it’s one of the best places in Omaha to watch sunset and nature photography. This shot was taken during such a hike, boundaries created by woods tied with wire were looking striking.

4. Snow Walk – This memory is still so fresh, though it happened almost a year back. This was our first trip of 2021, which included camping and hiking in the Lewis and Clark recreational area, SD. The next morning of camping, we completed a small hike near our campground. This shot was taken while returning to our cabin.

5. Flower ValleyLauritzen garden of Omaha is a botanical garden famous for its huge variety of plants and seasonal flowers. They always have some kind of events for different seasons. We have been there multiple times, last year too we visited the place and captured these tulips growing in one of the gardens.

6. Blue Streams– This beautiful shot is from Platte River state park, Nebraska. This park was on our list for a long time. Last year we went there twice for hikes and some outdoor activities. The waterfall is not even of a good height, but beautiful without a doubt.

7. Winter – Another shot from Grand Tetons National park. We were looking for Bisons in the park which was a little harder in that winter. We were disappointed by not finding any, just before Harmit spotted two of them grazing silently against the backdrop of Tetons Mountain range.

8. Reflection– Sylvan lake is the most beautiful attraction in Custer State Park, SD. The lake loop trail is the easiest trail among the many other trails of varying difficulty levels in the area. This shot of the lake was taken during evening hours when reflection was most clear.

9. Milky – Ricketts Glen State Park in Pennsylvania is home to 22 waterparks. 7.2 miles of hike in the park, covers most of the falls which are unique and beautiful in their own ways. One such beauty is captured in this picture.

10. Hearts – Last year, we did a lot of hiking so much that whenever we got a chance, we searched for a hiking place, and boom. One day after returning from Costco, Harmit asked to go for a hike. We searched and found Heron Haven nature center, which was 15 mins drive away from our location. The place was beautiful and well maintained. This flower was striking, so it made it to our collection.

11. Convergence – The Fontenelle Forest is a 1,400-acre forest in Nebraska famous for its trails, flora, fauna, and tree rush adventure. There was a point in the hike we took, where we had to cross those railway tracks to reach the other end. This shot was taken right there while Harmit kept an eye on the approaching trains.

12. Lines & Curves – Each year in March, Sandhill cranes migrate on the Platte River valley in Kearney, Nebraska before continuing their journey. It’s a delightful sight and an out-of-this-world experience. We reached the place at night and in the early morning, we took a stroll to see those beautiful birds. This shot of a bridge was taken during our walk which we found very attractive.

These were our favorite shots from 2021. Hoping to have more trips this year and get as many as possible shots for you 🙂

Which one of these do you love the most?

Happy Reading! Keep Traveling !!!

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