First DIY Project Of 2022

One thing we love about America is the need for self-dependency in day-to-day activities. In India, we don’t typically assemble or install anything, such services are often complimentary and even if chargeable, at least not worth your kidney. The labor in America is costly, so it’s always better to assemble the things by yourself.

You must be thinking why we are talking about this today all of a sudden? Today it’s quite cold here and we are glued to the fireplace. Seeing those artificial flames bought back the very recent memories of our DIY project at my sister’s place.

My sister ordered an electric fireplace before our arrival at her house. We stayed for close to 2 weeks and during that time we only discussed it twice or thrice and decided to assemble it one day, which day no one knew. We spent an amazing time together and soon it was time to return to Omaha. We decided to leave in the early morning of Saturday. While we were trying to utilize every moment on Friday, my sister coined the dead idea of fireplace’s assembly. Our most crucial tasks are done at the last moment, point to be noted.

It was around 7 PM and we decided to start our supposed-to-be mini-project. She had ordered BELLEZE Modern 58 Inch Farmhouse Electric Fireplace from Amazon and it came in 2 boxes, one for the fireplace and the other for the rest of the structure. Both boxes were heavy, firstly we opened the fireplace box which came with a simple manual. Harmit is really good at understanding manuals. She read the instructions, guided and we assembled the fireplace together. At that moment we were excited as it was easier and it took just 1/2 an hour.

The next box was full of wood panels, screws, and nails. The dullest thing about the box was that it was without a manual. We went crazy looking everywhere for it, my sister even looked for it in her closet thinking it might have been dropped out of the box, but all in vain. So after pulling our hair for a few minutes, we took the help of the internet.

My sister downloaded the manual from the internet and cast it on TV. Now the real game started. The manual was super complex and 3 brains were now working to decipher it. I gave up quickly and decided to follow Women’s lead.

The planks were heavy and instructions were in such a random manner that we had to create separate parts first and instead of going from bottom to top approach, we were going haywire. This automatically added the trouble of lifting those bulky parts, again and again, to put the structure as a whole. The most irritating part was those stupid screws that were not strong enough to hold the structure. The whole structure was designed in a way to avoid drilling the nails into it, but that was not serving any purpose.

During this whole time, my sister’s dog Eevee tried to come close to our activity zone, but each time I asked her to go back to her corner. She is somewhat afraid of me for no reason, thus obeys my instructions. If it would have been Harmit or my sister, she must have been all over the place.

What’s going on?

After spending around 4 hours building that masterpiece, we finally succeeded. Still, some of the fireplace’s parts were wobbly, but that was the best we could give. It’s hard to even think about my sister doing it alone. We pushed it against the wall and did the setup. It was looking good and we were happy with our hard work. We don’t think it’s gonna move from the place anytime soon.

Mission Accomplished

After this, my sister checked on Eevee and found out that she was holding her pee for the whole time. That innocent dog was trying to tell us each time by coming closer and I was asking her to go back to her mattress bed. So bad!, We rushed outside and she finished her business.

This whole episode ended at 10 PM, so all plans automatically shifted. We went to bed late, chatted till 2 AM, woke up late, and left for Omaha at 10 AM. But there was a feeling of satisfaction in completing that DIY project, LOL.

Happy Reading! Keep Traveling !!!

4 thoughts on “First DIY Project Of 2022

  1. Congratulations on getting it all together. I’m proud of you. My son, who never saw his dad do any such thing (His dad didn’t) does all kinds of repairs in his home. I once asked where he learned to do all that. He said he just goes to YouTube. All the best, Muriel

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