Happy Birthday!!!

October is special, at least for me. My dad and I share this month for our birthdays and today is his big day. I wish him good health and a happy long life. I wish we could have been with him for the celebration, but due to the COVID situation and some visa issues, we couldn’t pay a visit. This would be our first year without India’s visit in the last 5 years.

I was in India for close to 5 months last year due to a sudden lockdown to avoid COVID spread. I came to the U.S. in August and later Harmit joined me in October. We celebrated my birthday together inside our apartment. At that time most of the places were closed and the lockdown restrictions were in full play.

This year, the situation has improved a lot, but still, we decided to celebrate my birthday just like last year. My birthday was on October 2nd and just one day before which was Friday, I got stuck in a complex technical issue in my office work. Generally, Fridays are pretty easy workwise, but that was not the case that day. The issue was very challenging and I was totally absorbed in it, so much that I didn’t get a chance to eat or take shower. As usual, Harmit was preparing some kind of surprise for me and mind you she is very creative.

She asked me to work inside (my office setup is in my bedroom window corner) and not to even step out of the room. She was doing something in the Living room. Since I was so much busy with that issue, I didn’t actually bother to come out to curb my curiosity. I knew she was cooking something and decorations must be there as usual.

From morning 9AM to 10PM I was working on that issue without much success. I was tired but still hopeful to resolve it. Harmit was also working since the morning for my surprise party. Finally, at 10 o’clock she came inside and asked me to call it a day and be ready for the surprise. I asked her for some more minutes, but she insisted. Anyways I wasn’t doing much progress so I logged off and got ready.

Harmit asked me to close my eyes and guided me to the living room. When I opened my eyes, my god! I was awestruck. It was so beautifully decorated that I can’t take off my eyes from it. The room was dark and the only light coming was from the setup Harmit did for our candlelight dinner. It was way better than any typical romantic restaurant setting.

She prepared healthy puffed pastries and cupcakes for the occasion. Cupcakes were prepared from whey protein, peanut butter, oats, and chocolate chips while puffed pastries were prepared from peas, corn, cottage cheese, and vegetables. She was going to prepare pasta for me which is actually my specialty. She was working since morning, so I decided to make pasta for both of us. She did the chopping and I prepared the dish.

Then we had candlelight dinner in the most romantic way. We chatted and enjoyed our meals. That problem I was struggling with since morning was out of my mind. Much needed rest to my precious brain. The food was super delicious, more than I could ask for.

At 12 o’clock we celebrated the birthday by having homemade cupcakes which were mouthwatering. Soon family wishes start coming through Whatsapp and phone calls. I spent the rest of the time talking to my family and opening the gifts 🙂 .

We went to bed at around 2AM and both were dead tired. It was one of the most beautiful birthday celebrations. Harmit always surprises me, but this time it was truly special mainly because of my crappy busy day. Decorations were also fantastic and I kept it that way for close to 3 weeks.

Dad’s birthday reminded me of my big day. So I thought of sharing my experience with you. Thanks, Harmit, and my lovely family. Btw I got iPhone13, a Breville Espresso machine, Air Frier, an instant camera, a Mario party video game, reading neck-lamp and a bluetooth speaker.

Coming back to my dad, Happy Birthday, Dad! Love you from bottom of my heart.

Happy Reading! Keep Traveling !!!

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