Happy Diwali

Diwali word is a modified form of the Sanskrit word Deepavali made up from two separate words “Deep” and “Avali” which means row of lights.

Diwali is a Hindu festival of lights, celebration, and happiness. When Lord Ram (Hindu deity) returned to Ayodhya, India from Sri Lanka after killing Demon Ravan who abducted his wife, the people of Ayodhya celebrated this occasion by lighting the oil lamps in the city. It’s a day of celebration of the victory of right over wrong, light over darkness, and good over evil.

Every year this festival reminds us to be on the right path and to stay away from evil things. We remove the darkness by lighting candles and oil lamps on this day.

This year my elder sister graced our house with her presence and we celebrated the festival together. Harmit prepared a variety of food and snack items, while we decorated the house.

After Diwali puja(worship), we placed the candles and oil lamps in the balcony and other parts of the apartment. Later we enjoyed the snack items and met our friends in the society.

We wish you a very happy Diwali. May this Diwali bring a lot of happiness and prosperity to your life.

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