Pfizer Vaccine – 2nd Dose

Friday, 7th this month we took our 2nd dose of Pfizer vaccine. Experience was similar to one we shared for 1st dose , only difference was in the aftereffects of the vaccine 🙂

Appointment was scheduled at 5:00 PM in Hy-Vee pharmacy. We reached there at 4:45 PM. Everything was same except the additional check of our Covid Record Cards at reception. We waited for our turn and rest of the procedure was exactly same. Same pharmacist lady(1st dose) gave us the vaccine.

We went for groceries from there just to have everything needed. Our plan was to prepare some food in advance for the weekend considering the possibilities of side effects. Once home, we prepared some food and had dinner. I was doing fine till evening, it got bad in night. I was getting chills and body aches. Harmit was doing perfect except some pain in her vaccinated arm. I went to bed early and slept. Night was not very comfortable.

Saturday was worse. I didn’t feel like getting up, left the bed at around 11 AM. I was having no interest in breakfast, just wanted to have tea. My appetite was lost. For the sake of recovery, I had a little breakfast with tea. I wanted to sleep again. So I turned on room heater (still chills) and slept on the couch in living room. Harmit prepared food and she also went to bed due to sudden tiredness. We both slept till 6 PM.

I was feeling bit better now, just a bit, so we had our dinner. Both of us were having very less appetite, especially me. After food, we went to bed and started watching TV. We watched The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and Psycho movies on Peacock TV. Till now I was having chills, fever, headache and body aches. I slept somehow, at least my arm was not hurting.

Sunday was no-good too. Did the little breakfast with tea, talked with parents and then just rested whole day. We finished next 2 movies in the Hobbit series – The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug and The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. I was still having fever and restlessness. Mind you, I am not a medicine guy, I believe in self healing, but in the night, I had to take the medicine-ibuprofen to get some rest.

Monday was way better, medicine worked, I regained 90% of strength and till Tuesday I was perfectly well. Harmit took good care of me and thankfully she was not that badly affected by vaccine.

Now since I am feeling well, thought of writing about this for you. Hopefully this will help you in some way.

Advice :-

  1. Take the vaccine on Friday so that you have enough time to rest
  2. Get some quick grab food or cook something in advance
  3. Keep your Covid record card safe, it’s required for 2nd dose
  4. Drink lots of water post vaccination (suggested by pharmacist)
  5. Just rest after vaccination

Happy Reading ! Keep Traveling !!!

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