Goodreads of April 2021

As said in the previous post, April was not so productive in terms of physical activities. But that gave ample time to invest in reading. I completed Python 3.5 course from Gale Courses through Omaha Public Library and read a total of 10 books.

Thus I have completed 62% of the goal (of 60 books) by reading 37 books so far. Below is the list of books I read in April along with my ratings.

S. No.TitleAuthorFormatGenreRating
1Pet SemataryKing, Stephen BookHorror4/5
2Everything Is Here to Help You: A Loving Guide to Your Soul’s EvolutionKahn, MattBookSpirituality2/5
3Big Mushy Happy Lump (Sarah’s Scribbles, #2)Andersen, Sarah Book Graphic/Humor3/5
Braithwaite, Oyinkan
KindleDark/ Short story3/5
5Indian HorseWagamese, RichardBookFiction4/5
6The GiftGaylin, AlisonKindle Suspense 2/5
Herding Cats (Sarah’s Scribbles, #3)
Andersen, Sarah  BookGraphic/Humor 3/5
8Pride: A Pride and Prejudice RemixZoboi, Ibi  Book Fiction 3/5
9Let Her BeUnger, Lisa Kindle Dark/ Short story 3/5
10How to Be a Conscious Eater: Making Food Choices That Are Good for You, Others, and the PlanetEgan, Sophie Book Health5/5
April Reads

My top 3 picks:-

1. How to Be a Conscious Eater: Making Food Choices That Are Good for You, Others, and the Planet – Great book for health enthusiasts which talks almost about everything related to food whether it is plant-based, animal-based, factory-produced, or restaurant made.

2. Pet Sematary – Story is about a family who settles near the infamous Pet Semetary and then horrible things start unwrapping. The story is so interesting and engaging that you can’t get over it. King at his best!

3. Indian Horse – A hidden gem that talks about the journey of a Native Indian who tries to get away from the harsh reality of life by embracing the game of Ice Hockey. Did he succeed?

Have you read any of the above-listed books? Would you like to read any of them? Leave your comments.

Happy Reading! Keep Traveling !!!

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