Adios Junio

Last week proved to be very busy and tiring, full of deadlines, commitments and responsibilities. Due to busy schedule, I couldn’t get time to write at all, although reading continued.

Anyways as Today is last day of June, let’s do a retrospective (Agile terminology) –

1. Unbearable Heat :- Without mentioning the heat of June, this post is incomplete. So much heat in North Indian region, that going on roof to give water to plants was a challenge. One day you miss to give water to plants and they are close to dead. Temperature was always on rise and same goes with humidity (between 40-50%). Somehow we are able to pass it, let’s see what we have next in July.

2. Lock-down eased :- So finally, lock-down in India is in partial unlock state. There are less restrictions in unlock, that too differs from State to State. Below given are the relaxations provided to us :-

Domestic Travel Allowed

Local Transportation Resumed (Taxi, Uber etc)

Trains Started ( Partial)

Shops ( Almost all kind of excluding Barber shops, Gyms etc)

Market ( In alternate ways; few areas one day, rest on other days)

Work Offices ( Depends on company )

Unlock 2.0 will start soon, probably in couple of days. In next unlock, there will be less restrictions, but gyms, pools, international travel will not likely be resumed.

3. Photography opportunities :- If you have followed this blog, you might have seen my earlier posts related to photography. Even though still trapped inside, got many opportunities for nice shots. Here are few of my favorites :-

Beautiful Flower of my Garden


Smile worth Million Dollars

Life in Corona

Work resumed

4. Meditation :- Everyone knows the benefits of meditation, I need not to talk about that. I always wanted to try it but never had patience for it. During lock-down, I started using Headspace application, initially with 5 mins a day, that too not regular, but after practice I found it really helpful and now a necessary part of my daily routine. From the start of June, I am doing daily 15 mins of meditation and it’s totally worth. Honestly my mind is more calm, active and at ease.

5. Spanish learning :- As mentioned in my earlier post 5 Must Have Apps For Your Mobile ,I am learning Spanish with Duolingo app. It’s unbelievable that I am on 79 days streak. I learned counting, relationships, office formalities, travel communications and read short stories.

6. Reading :- I love reading and probably its the best time to pursue this hobby. I don’t recall when we had this much time for self-improvement. I guess June proved to be most productive so far, as I completed 8 books which are listed below :-

Red Russia (Rating -> 3/5)

Devdas (Rating -> 3/5)

7 Secrets of Vishnu (Rating -> 4/5)

Night of the Rat (Rating -> 4/5)

The Kaunteyas (Rating -> 3/5)

Immortal India : Articles and Speeches by Amish (Rating -> 3/5)

7 Secrets of Shiva (Rating -> 4/5)

The book thief (Rating -> 5/5)

To read the reviews of all above books :-

My reviews

So that’s how my June went, how about you ?


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