Today’s Photography

It is common to see wandering animals in the streets nowadays. Few come to witness the emptiness and others in search of food.

It’s not like sightings of monkeys are uncommon in India but they are coming in my neighbourhood almost daily in search of food or rest.

Today we noticed a family of monkeys with at least 2 males, 1 female and 2 babies out of which 1 baby seems to be very young. Our neighbour and my dad threw some food for them and monkeys started the feast. So I got the chance to take some shots from my house window.

Mother’s Love
Eating Couple
Let’s find out
Let me try it
What’s there father ?

One can easily feel the bonding between the family and especially love between mother and her baby. She is very protective of her baby just like us, when I opened the gate of my house with camera for better pictures, she ran away with baby considering it as a threat to infant. How lovely !

Hope you have liked the pictures. Leave your comment.



One thought on “Today’s Photography

  1. I loved the observation becoz the article itself says that its very common to see monkeys wandering on the streets and still u have beautifully described the love of a mother, the love between a couple and yes the Hunger. May god bless u. Keep writing. Its just beautiful.

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