5 Must Have Apps For Your Mobile

1. Kindle – Those who love reading might be familiar with this term but those always ready with excuses regarding unavailability, inaccessibility and time shortage, this app can do wonders by making their mobile a bookstore. You can either opt for Kindle unlimited subscription or just Prime membership. Both subscriptions will allow consumers to borrowContinue reading “5 Must Have Apps For Your Mobile”

Today’s Photography

It is common to see wandering animals in the streets nowadays. Few come to witness the emptiness and others in search of food. It’s not like sightings of monkeys are uncommon in India but they are coming in my neighbourhood almost daily in search of food or rest. Today we noticed a family of monkeysContinue reading “Today’s Photography”

In May Month

During the scorching heat of May in India, it becomes so hard to go outside for work but it’s unavoidable. I still remember the goggle and large cloth wrapped around the faces when we used to go to school on our bicycles. This May is different though, we are still inside our secure homes avoidingContinue reading “In May Month”

Behind Bars !!!

As COVID-19 continues to spread across the world, still no remedy, we are forced to be inside our houses. Even though many of us are at loss due to this situation, it’s the only available solution right now. I have been lucky enough to have two trips in Feb and March ( Miami & Maldives)Continue reading “Behind Bars !!!”

Things to do and avoid

Many of you might be missing my blogs, I am also unhappy for not being consistent enough. Actually I came to my home country (India) in March-start and got stuck here due to lock-down situation. Even though having access to everything, I was taking well sought break and was avoiding any kind of Social presence.Continue reading “Things to do and avoid”

A Day At Omaha Zoo

Last weekend I went to zoo as I had zoo pass (from the library) and temperature was also good(+11 degree). Wanted to make this day memorable and I really love to be around animals (Don’t support captivity though). Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium is famous for its structure and large number of species inContinue reading “A Day At Omaha Zoo”

Sunshine Blogger Award IV

Last couple of days have been very productive and special to me. Firstly I am visiting my country after an year (trip already started), secondly I completed my sketch(took 2-3 weeks) and lastly got nominated by MEERYABLE for this year’s Sunshine blogger award. This Award is a way to encourage fellow bloggers for their contributionContinue reading “Sunshine Blogger Award IV”

Still Life – Matches in the case

For me every sketch is a step closer to expertise. When I choose a sketch, it seems very hard(almost impossible to draw) to me and I have that feeling that I can’t do justice with it. But once it is finished, it comes up with the feeling of surprise, wonder and happiness. Each artwork IContinue reading “Still Life – Matches in the case”

Maha-Shivratri – Tribute from a devotee

Today is Maha- Shivratri, an auspicious day for Lord Shiva devotees. On this day Hindu God Shiva got married to Goddess Parvati, which was the first love marriage in Hindu mythology . There are 12 shiv-ratris (Shiva Night) in a year but this one is the most important due to it significance in Lord Shiva’sContinue reading “Maha-Shivratri – Tribute from a devotee”

Little Havana – A beautiful neighborhood of Miami

I was in Miami recently and I was really very excited for this trip, Firstly because it was going to be my first vacation of this year and secondly due to photography opportunities. As I always say, travelling experience comes with so many things altogether- mental peace, relaxation, knowing yourself, understanding of a place andContinue reading “Little Havana – A beautiful neighborhood of Miami”