National Park Week – Day 8

In today’s post, we will be sharing the next set of national parks from our previously shared list. One of them is well known while the other is underrated. We visited Cuyahoga national park of Ohio last year during our road trip to NJ to meet our sister. It was the fall season and the park was full of beauty. Firstly it’s not big enough, so spending 2 days there was more than enough and secondly, due to its less popularity it was less crowded.

Zion national park, on the other hand, was so crowded that the scenic route in the park was closed due to parking unavailability (Lucky us, we got the chance to enter in the afternoon). We visited the park this year only. Zion is also very small but unique in every term. It’s a paradise, especially for hikers.

Below are some pictures from both the parks:-

Brandywine Falls, Cuyahoga, 2021

Ledges, Cuyahoga, 2021

Fall, Cuyahoga, 2021

Great Falls, Cuyahoga, 2021

Rooted Path, Cuyahoga, 2021

Road Of Wonder, Zion, 2022

Stream, Zion, 2022

Still, Zion, 2022

View From Watchman Point, Zion, 2022

Stare, Zion, 2022

We are sure many of you must have visited Zion, but what about Cuyahoga? Have you visited this national park?

Happy Reading! Keep Traveling !!!

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