Goodreads Of 2020

When you are alone, there is no better friend than a Book. I always participate in Goodreads yearly challenges, but most of the time they remain unachieved. 2020 restricted us in our houses and away from our closed ones. This brought the opportunity to explore new dimensions of life. I was never a fan of digital media so Kindle was a big no for me, but eventually I had to accept it.

Libraries were closed and I was stuck in India during nationwide lockdown. I downloaded Kindle app and mobile was now my book store. I always preferred hardcovers, so it was tough to adjust initially, but soon I started enjoying it. Prime members get lots of free content and in addition to that I accidently opted for Kindle Unlimited (premium service with accessibility to more content), which was like a boon.

Libby app, whose reference I got from my library, also needs a big mention here. This app allows you to checkout Kindle/Libby compatible books from your library. Thus even though libraries were closed, I was able to borrow digital titles from there, that too from thousands of miles away.

My goal was of 45 books, but I exceeded it by 20 books, thus making total read titles as 65. Below is the list with ratings :-

S. No.TitleAuthorFormatRating
1Lord of the FliesGolding, WilliamBook5/5
2The Patient Assassin: A True Tale of Massacre, Revenge, and India’s Quest for IndependenceAnand, AnitaBook5/5
3Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (Harry Potter, #1)Rowling, J.K.Kindle4/5
4Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Harry Potter, #2)Rowling, J.K.Kindle4/5
5Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (Harry Potter, #3)Rowling, J.K.Kindle3/5
6Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Harry Potter, #4)Rowling, J.K.Kindle4/5
7Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (Harry Potter, #5)Rowling, J.K.Kindle4/5
8The Road to Woodbury (The Walking Dead #2)Kirkman, RobertBook4/5
9Rosemary’s Baby (Rosemary’s Baby, #1)Levin, IraBook5/5
10The Old Man and the SeaHemingway, ErnestBook3/5
11The Twenty-Ninth DayMessenger, AlexBook4/5
12The Fall of the Governor: Part One (The Walking Dead #3)Kirkman, RobertBook4/5
13The Fall of the Governor: Part Two (The Walking Dead #4)Kirkman, RobertBook4/5
14The Bad SeedJohn, JoryKindle3/5
15The Five: The Untold Lives of the Women Killed by Jack the RipperRubenhold, Hallie Kindle4/5
16ठंडा गोश्त और अन्य कहानियाँManto, Saadat HasanBook4/5
17Boo Aur Anya KahaniyanManto, Saadat HasanBook3/5
18Life of PiMartel, YannKindle5/5
19Not GuiltyCutsinger, KaylaKindle3/5
20The Book ThiefZusak, MarkusKindle5/5
217 Secrets of ShivaPattanaik, DevduttKindle4/5
22Immortal India: Articles and Speeches by AmishTripathi, Amish Kindle3/5
23The KaunteyasMahadevan, Madhavi S. Kindle3/5
24Night of the RatThompson, TanyaKindle4/5
257 Secrets of VishnuPattanaik, DevduttKindle4/5
26DevdasChattopadhyay, Sarat ChandraKindle3/5
27Red RussiaThompson, TanyaKindle3/5
28You Can’t Catch MeMcKenzie, Catherine Kindle4/5
297 Secrets of the GoddessPattanaik, DevduttKindle3/5
31One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s NestKesey, KenKindle4/5
32The ReckoningGrisham, JohnKindle3/5
33LolitaNabokov, VladimirBook2/5
34Calling SehmatSikka, HarinderBook3/5
35MiseryKing, Stephen Kindle4/5
36वरदानPremchand, MunshiBook3/5
37The ClientGrisham, JohnKindle3/5
38ElevationKing, Stephen Kindle3/5
39The Haunting of H. G. WellsMasello, Robert Kindle4/5
40My Husband, My StalkerKane, JessaKindle2/5
41Kind of HinduKaling, Mindy Kindle3/5
42Once Upon a Time in Silver LakeKaling, Mindy Kindle3/5
43Searching for Coach TaylorKaling, Mindy Kindle3/5
44Please Like Me [But Keep Away]Kaling, Mindy Kindle4/5
45Gerald’s GameKing, Stephen Kindle3/5
46The Haunting of Brynn WilderWebb, WendyKindle3/5
47As the Crow FliesGillman, Melanie Book3/5
48Girls of BrackenhillMoretti, Kate Kindle3/5
49Help Is On the WayKaling, Mindy Kindle3/5
50Big ShotKaling, Mindy Kindle4/5
51Camouflage: The Hidden Lives of Autistic WomenBargiela, SarahBook4/5
52The Laws of the SkiesCourtois, GrégoireBook5/5
53Blockade BillyKing, Stephen Book3/5
54The Shortest DayTóibín, ColmKindle3/5
55The War of the WorldsWells, H.G.Book5/5
56Confessions of the FoxRosenberg, JordyBook3/5
57The White BookHan KangBook3/5
58Mr. Posey’s New GlassesKooser, TedBook3/5
59Zikora: A Short StoryAdichie, Chimamanda NgoziKindle4/5
60After the FloodMontag, Kassandra Book3/5
61A Very Large Expanse of SeaMafi, TaherehBook4/5
62Manto Ki Prasidh KahaniyaanManto, Saadat HasanKindle4/5
63Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, #1)Carroll, LewisBook3/5
64A MercyMorrison, ToniAudiobook3/5
65Understanding Exposure: How to Shoot Great Photographs with any CameraBryan PetersonBook4/5

This year, my goal is to read 60 books. Let’s see how it goes. 🙂

How many of above titles have you read ? Which one of them is your favorite and why ?

Happy Reading ! Keep Traveling !!!

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  1. Wow! You struck a cord with me. I’m an avid reader and have read many of the books you did last year. I think ‘The Old Man and the Sea’ is one of the best written stories I’ve ever read, but like many others you mention. You deserve to know about on the internet where you can get FREE copies of older books. Happy reading!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. harpiytravel says:

      Yes “The Old man and the sea” is definitely good. My favorites are “Lord of the flies”, “Rosemary’s baby” and “The Laws of the skies”. Thanks for sharing the link, really appreciate 😊

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I also very much liked ‘Lord of the Flies’ but didn’t read ‘Rosemary’s Baby’. It would have scared me I think. Chuckle.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. harpiytravel says:

      I highly recommend you to read “Rosemary’s baby”. This is also a classic movie with same name on this. Also if you liked “Lord of the flies”, try “Laws of the skies” too, it’s the modern version on classic.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I’ll try to get them when I can travel to the library. During this pandemic, I’m not using public transit and I no longer drive. It will have to wait but I’ll look forward to it.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. harpiytravel says:

      If you are into digital things (I don’t like though), there is an app “Libby”, through which you can connect your library and check out digital books.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I do have an e-reader, but still prefer reading a a real book. Thanks for being you.

    Liked by 2 people

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