December Through My Lenses

Here I am again with another post of previous month captured through my Sony lenses. Finally 2020 is gone, it started really bad due to COVID widespread, but in the end things seem to be in control. Everyone got a new perspective and we celebrated Christmas and New Year from our homes while being connected with our families & friends through various technologies available.

Omaha received a decent amount of snow during the month and it was really cold. We went outside on a sunny day and I took some pretty shots. Frozen lake, water and ice boundaries, ice and some evening shots are part of this month’s collection.

Highlights from December :-

  • Evening hike to Zorinsky Lake park
  • Office stress
  • Read 8 books
  • Completed OPL (Omaha public library) reading challenge

Below are the pictures of the month :-

So which one of the above you liked most and why ? Suggestions and advices are always welcome.

Happy Reading ! Keep Traveling !!!

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