Special October

This month has been quiet busy. I couldn’t get enough time to pen down my thoughts and experiences. I can’t tell, how much I was missing my community. But this doesn’t mean I was totally disconnected, I was actively reading the wonderful blogs I follow. October is such a special month for me, that most of it spent in celebration.

Why it was so special ?

  • Birthday – Me and my dad share the month for our special days. My birthday was on 2nd and his was just yesterday. I wasn’t expecting much this year due to COVID, as all relatives and friends were locked up in their homes. Harmit was also in India, waiting for her visa stamping, which was impacted due to temporarily closure of US embassy. Emergency Visa came to the rescue and she arrived here on time. She did all the decorations and planned the birthday in no time. We preferred to celebrate at home with candle night dinner. It was just classy and unforgettable.

Birthday Boy

  • Gifts – I wasn’t expecting much gifts this year, I don’t know why (can it be COVID ?). But this proved to be one of my best birthday in recent years. I got one Lord Shiva’s gold pendant, a cute bonsai, neck massager, office desk, laptop holder, salad spinner, an amazing portable Lightroom for photography and last but not least, a fancy face mask (those are very much needed these days lol ! ).

Gifts !!!

New Office Setup

Spiral, Tiny And Cute

  • Games – Harmit is back, so are the games. Ping Pong table which I was using as my office desk, were re-installed for the play. We started playing ping pong along with board games like Chess, Checkers, Backgammonand and Ludo. Daily ping pong sessions are somehow compensating our physical inactiveness, while board games are helping to avoid electronics at least for some time.

Ping Pong Table Back To Its Place

Board Games

  • Travel – This one is the best thing happened. Even though we were lucky to visit Maldives this March, our craving for a good road trip was unsatisfied. After being inside four walls for so long, we finally decided to hit the road for Colorado, to see some fall colors and give needed boost to our souls. We visited Boulder, did hiking, watched sunset and enjoyed wildlife.

Trip Happiness

Discussion Time

  • Photography – Where there is travel, there is photography. In this Colorado trip, we visited some beautiful unique places full of brilliant views, all waiting for me to capture them. So much was available to my camera, that its memory card got full on the first day of our trip. I had to delete the old pictures manually while hiking. Bulk delete option saved my day 🙂 .

Sun or Moon ?

Scenic Path

Rocks Everywhere

Our Lovely Companion

This week of the month will also be a treat as Halloween is just around the corner. This time we are planning to carve some devilish figures on bright colored pumpkins. By the way we had first snow of the season just yesterday.

First Snow Of The Season

Have you taken any trip recently ? How is October for you so far ? Leave you comments.

Happy Reading ! Keep Traveling !!!

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