In May Month

During the scorching heat of May in India, it becomes so hard to go outside for work but it’s unavoidable. I still remember the goggle and large cloth wrapped around the faces when we used to go to school on our bicycles.

This May is different though, we are still inside our secure homes avoiding the contact of COVID-19. There were assumptions that virus’ effect will be less in such heated conditions but all those ideas seem to be untrue.

We are lucky to have air-condition rooms in our houses but there are many underprivileged who are managing somehow battling with poverty, unemployment and this weather. I wish this condition improves soon.

Even though we all are trying our best to be engaged by taking new hobbies, making videos, giving challenges and through so many other ways but still boredom and silence can be seen on the streets. Below are some shots I recently took which conveys the same feeling :-

Thirsty Crow
Water is Life
Vegetable seller
Nap time
In Search of Food

I wish everything gets better , till that time we all have to be patient. Help others, give charity and provide food and water to animals and birds. This way we can make a difference.


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