Things to do and avoid

Many of you might be missing my blogs, I am also unhappy for not being consistent enough. Actually I came to my home country (India) in March-start and got stuck here due to lock-down situation.

Even though having access to everything, I was taking well sought break and was avoiding any kind of Social presence. This lockdown is also a good way to focus, learn and meditate.

It’s been close to 1.5 months without any post and I am missing you all. Hope you all are well, healthy and safe inside your houses.

There is already too much about Corona everywhere so I won’t mention it much. We should be looking for the positivity. This period will end soon.

Keep yourself engaged in below activities while being at home :-

1. Reading (Goodreads app for readers network )

2. Maintaining Fitness through Workouts (Apps like Adidas training, Fitbit)

3. Meditation (Apps like Headspace)

4. Watching Television (Avoid all day news 😉 )

5. Spending quality time with family (Games like Ludo or cards 🙂 )

6. Learning new skills (Career/Personal)

7. Finish pending works (Any certification, document preparation etc)

Special Mentions

1. Avoid negative messages and rumors

2. Check validity of news and messages before forwarding them

3. Support your nation by donations if you can

4. Stay inside and follow government’s guidelines

5. Help the needy people

Thanks for visiting ….

Peace !

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