Goodreads of February 2022

As described in our previous post, last month was a travel-busy month. I could manage to read only 2 books this time. The first one was recommended by Musings of a Book Savant, while the second one I chose from Kindle.

The Travelling Cat Chronicles is a unique story about the journey, a cat named Nana and his owner, Satoru, take to visit three of Satoru’s friends for an urgent business concerning Nana. The story is narrated from two points of view – one from the author’s and the other from Nana’s, which is cute. This road trip proves to be a great experience for both, bond b/w them tightens and we, as readers, learn about Satoru, his past, and his friends, along with Nana.

Firstly they visit a childhood friend of Satoru who was actually responsible for Satoru’s love for cats. Next was a farmer friend who had some bittersweet memories with him and taught Satoru about farming during school days. The last one was a couple who studied with him in college.

It’s a very nice story and the cat’s perspective really raises the bar. Everyone will love this sweet story about relations and for pet lovers, it’s a real treat. This would be the book of the month.

S. No.TitleAuthorFormatGenreRating
1The Travelling Cat ChroniclesArikawa, HiroBook Fiction4/5
2The Essential Collection for Young ReadersBond, RuskinKindle Fiction3/5
February Reads

The Essential Collection for Young Readers is a collection of famous short stories like “The Blue Umbrella”, “The Tunnel”, “The Woman on Platform No. 8”, “A Case for Inspector Lal”, “The Thief’s Story”, and many more by celebrated Indian author Ruskin Bond. His famous short story “The Blue Umbrella” has been adapted to a movie with the same name, available on Netflix. It’s a good collection of short stories with few featuring Bond himself as the protagonist. Bond’s writing style is very simple and you feel like living the characters narrated in the stories. The author’s love for his birthland and its people is visible from these stories. Anyone who wants to take a quick detox can read this book and it won’t be disappointing.

Happy Reading! Keep Traveling !!!

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