January 2022 Through The Lenses

Just like 2021, this year also started with Camping. Last year in January, we were in South Dakota camping in the seclusion of the Lewis and Clark recreational area whereas this time we were enjoying Glamping in Nebraska barely half an hour drive away from our apartment.

The first few days of 2022, we spent in New Jersey with our sister and her cute dog and then joined our friends for Glamping at Kimberly Creek Retreat. The camera was always with us, so whatever slim chances we got, we utilized them. We also went for an evening hike to our favorite Zorinsky lake park for rejuvenation and photography.

Other than this, I set the reading goal for this year to 50 books and read 3 books which I will discuss in the later post.

Highlights of the month:-

The below pictures are mainly taken at Zorinsky Lake which was frozen completely and people were walking, sitting, and fishing on it. During the sunset, beautiful colors appeared creating the perfect backdrop for nature photography.

The rest of the pictures were from our sister’s neighborhood. You can also spot her dog Eevee playing in the first snow of the season. The first snow is always special and it was good enough to make us see nature with the blank and white filter.

Which one of these is most striking to you? We really love the outdoors, but due to extreme cold, we were not able to step outside of our apartment. Going to Zorinsky Lake was a wise decision as we witnessed both golden and blue hours and got some amazing pictures. Do you also have any such place nearby which never disappoints you with its beauty?

Happy Reading! Keep Traveling !!!

5 thoughts on “January 2022 Through The Lenses

  1. What a gorgeous series of photos. The figures on the icy lake (I would be nervous!) and the shot of looking up at the trees grabbed me. I also enjoyed the monochrome of the footprints and tree- very creative.

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