Camping In Lewis & Clark Recreational Area

I woke up early next day, even before sunrise. See, I am improving πŸ™‚ . Last night was very comfortable. While Harmit was still sleeping, I came out of the cabin to have a look on the surroundings. What was pitch black yesterday, was complete white now. Our cabin was lake facing, it was so beautiful around it, lake was fully frozen. Soon sun started rising from the horizon making, the atmosphere charming. I captured those moments in my camera.

Beautiful Sunrise

Cabin C

Once Harmit got ready, we looked for toilet facility in the park. Disposable toilet was few steps away from our cabin, regular toilets with warm water were locked for the season. We decided to have breakfast in a nearby restaurant. Post breakfast, we stopped at a gas station and purchased firewood for the night. Once back, we decided to explore the place and what’s better than hiking for that.

Now we can see some people in the park, most of them hiking on the trail. Atmosphere was also too good, very bright and warm. Trail was just in front of our cabin and it was covered with snow in some places, but overall was quiet manageable.

Ready For Hike

We made sure to wear proper winter gear along with snow boots. I kept my camera while Harmit was with binoculars. Since it was a sunny day, we were able to enjoy the hike. There was no path from our cabin to the trail directly and whole area in-between was covered with snow. So we had to start the trail from the point near disposable toilet. We had to walk on snow before coming to the proper trail. It was too much ice.

Frozen Missouri

I had forgotten my gloves in the cabin, so had to go back to collect them. We were not far away from the cabin, So Harmit continued her walk, while I went to cabin. I took her photo from the cabin, walking alone in the quietness.

Walking Alone

Once I joined her, we hiked at a slow pace, admiring the beauty of the nature around us. It was exactly what we wanted from this vacation. Once we reached at a certain point, quiet far from our cabin, we decided to return. We came back from the same path and I took many pictures through my camera. Hike took around 2.5 hour in total.

Silence & Solitude


Rays Of Warmth

Posing For The Camera

Once back, we went inside cabin and had some snacks. As I said, there was too much snow, we decided to fulfill our dream – to make snowman. LOL, we never got any chance to create snowman, mainly due to our laziness and somewhat due to hesitation to go outside in cold. Here was the chance for us and we utilized it. Harmit used my beanie and bandana to decorate it. She also used water bottle caps. marking them with her red nail-polish for its eyes and mouth. It was cute.

Cute Snowman

Back To Our Cabin


We took some photographs and prepared for the evening. Plan was to enjoy the night in outdoor. We setup our firewood in the grill area. Fire started easily without having to use too much oil. I bought portable chairs from the car. We prepared “Indian” tea in the open and grilled some cottage cheese. Feeling was just awesome to be in wilderness with bright stars all around us.

Tea Preparation

Indian Tea

Finally Done !

It was very cold and smoke was causing problem to the eyes. Once our tea was done, we went inside and watched an episode of our ongoing series on Netflix. Next day we had to leave for Omaha, so we slept early with feeling of satisfaction and gratitude. πŸ™‚

Tips :-

  1. Bring plenty of water for the stay and don’t keep it in car.
  2. Bring comforters and bedsheets. 
  3. Disposable toilet are available, regular ones are off for the season.
  4. Firewoods are not available in the park. They can be purchased from any gas station or Safeway.
  5. There is no bathing facility available for the season.

Happy Reading ! Keep Traveling !!!

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