May 2021 Through My Lenses

May month was full of physical activities. We went to Lauritzen garden and hiked there which was an amazing experience and then we utilized the Memorial weekend with 2 hikes and 1 decent bicycle tour. We also met with another couple (Manish & Sonam) for one of our hike. There would be more such hikes in coming months 🙂

We witnessed too much greenery and blooming flowers during our outside activities. Even the garden in our balcony is doing great, so much so that we bought some additional plants making the total plants count to 13. Gardening is now our latest hobby.

This month most of the time I took pictures of my mini garden only. Actually last picture of two flowers in my photographs is from my garden. Those beautiful flowers are from Gazania family, I can’t explain the excitement we had watching them flourish. Every day in the morning, first thing I did was to see this plant 🙂 and when it started blooming OMG there were like 6-8 flowers within two weeks. Impressed by his performance, we bought another Gazania of different color who still needs to produce flowers.

Highlights from March :-

  • Reached up to 6th season of Friends on HBO Max
  • Read 5 books
  • Done hiking and biking
  • Visited Lauritzen Garden
  • Gardening
  • Attended Omaha Bonsai group meeting

So how did you spent your time in May and which one is your favorite picture from them ?

Happy Reading ! Keep Traveling !!!

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