Memorial Weekend 2021

This long weekend, we didn’t plan anything. Actually we forgot about the holiday so decided to just go with the flow 🙂

We recently joined a local group for Omaha Hikers where members share their experience and information about the various hikes of Omaha. We met an Indian couple (Manish & Sonam) through the group who share similar interests like us. We contacted through the messenger and planned for a morning hike on Saturday. As there were no other plans, we decided to meet and have a good time together.

DAY 1 – Hitchcock Nature Center Hiking

There were two options for the Hike 1) Fontenelle Forest 2) Hitchcock Nature Center. We have been to Fontenelle before so chose Hitchcock for the hike. Hitchcock nature center is in Iowa (neighboring state), 30 mins drive from our place. We decided to meet at 9 AM at the center. We had breakfast and reached there at 9:15 AM. Entrance fee to the park was $3 per vehicle. Manish and Sonam were already there with their kid, preparing the baby carrier backpack for hiking. After formal introduction and little chat we started the hike. Hike was exactly as we wanted – not the well made pavements, but the rough and uneven surface with nice elevation and surrounded by lush greenery. They had earlier experience with the trail, Manish started AllTrails app and lead us. Since it was our first hiking together so we spent most of the time in chit chatting which was fun. I took few photographs in between. We completed that hike in 45 mins which was actually quicker than expected. Hike was really good and we were little disappointed that it ended so quick. We went to the Overlook tower near the parking lot for the top view and it was just awesome out there. We even possibly spotted a bald eagle at a long distance. After spending nearly 15-20 mins there, we came back to parking lot, chatted for a while and bade farewell. Once home, we rested a bit and spent rest of the day in reading and watching TV.

DAY 2 – Chalco Hills Hiking

Next day in the evening we decided to go to Mahoney State Park for rock climbing but unfortunately we were late and park was already closed. It’s been a while since we visited Chalco Hills, one of the most popular place for hikers. So we decided to go there. It’s like 15 mins drive from our apartment, we reached there at around 6 and started our hike. Chalco hills recreational area is known for its beauty and rich wildlife. It was scenic out there. Trail was running parallel to Wehrspann lake, a man-made reservoir. Chances to spot deer are highest in the region. This time too while returning back to our starting point of hike, we noticed 3-4 deer enjoying their time downhill. People were having good time there, some were hiking like us, few biking and skating and others were involved in boating and fishing. It was a cloudy day so we didn’t wait for the sunset. We gave a quick thought to Biking as there were city bikes available but decided against it and came back to our apartment. It was another good day for us.

DAY 3 – South Omaha Trail

Keystone trail is one of the popular and longest trail (25 mi) of Omaha. It is just 5 minutes away from our apartment. A small trail known as South Omaha trail (3.6 mi) branches out from it in between. We recently started going there but never completed the trail due to shortage of time. Monday was holiday so I thought of covering the trail, what’s better time than this ? Right now there is too much greenery out there. Trail is surrounded by trees with their branches providing perfect shade and creating beautiful atmosphere (like in fantasy novels). It’s actually like being in the lap of mother nature. Trail was easy, good for mountain bikes and with decent elevation. It was a nice workout for me, my calves were actually burning. I came home, drank my protein shake and enjoyed the whatever left of weekend by watching TV 🙂

Next goal is to cover Keystone Trail now.

It was a nice active weekend overall. Below is the bonus video to celebrate World Environment Day.

How did you spent your Memorial Day weekend ?

Happy Reading ! Keep Traveling !!!

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