Rich June

Even though, there are few relaxations in Lock-down, it’s better to be inside. Cases are increasing exponentially in India. Being a photographer, it’s really hard to remain inside. If I would have interest in Still-Life Photography, scenario could have been different, but I love to be in nature and capture its elements through my camera lens.

That being said, it’s also true that when you want something, you get it based on the intensity of your desire. June started on a promising note, providing numerous chances for wildlife shots, in vicinity of my home. Special mention of my Father is needed here, who bought my attention to those little friends.

Here comes my favorite 6 shots :-

Poking Head


Thirst of Ganga


Black in White

Rooftop under Toes

These are few of many shots taken. All of them are taken either from my house’s window or door. You just need to be at right place at right time in order to get them. Hope you like the pictures. Share your thoughts.



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