Who is Animal Here ?

Sorry kiddo – I couldn’t give you birth, you couldn’t see the word outside this womb. Yes, I am sad because I failed you but to think other way it’s better you didn’t witness the ugliness of this world. It’s good to avoid the evil.

Let me tell you my story though before we say goodbye to each other.

I live in Kerala’s Silent valley national park which is not silent anymore. They say I am 15 years old though I never kept track of my age. Just one month ago, I found out that you are in my womb. How happy I was, I always wanted a kid. When you travel with your tiny legs and small trunk with the group, between our legs, that sight and feeling of responsibility is just awesome. I also dreamt of taking care of you, making you bath, feeding you and of course loving you.

This May 27, most frightful animal of this planet, known as Human fed me fruits. By the way I love fruits and especially in this condition, it’s good to have such nutrition as it will benefit you my sweetheart 😘. Fruit was looking good but seems like someone tampered it. After consumption, I realised it was containing explosives, oh my poor baby 😞, sorry I never knew else I would not have taken it. I even tried vomit it but damage was already done. Now my tounge and jaws are broken and I am in unimaginable pain. But that pain is nothing in comparison of your loss my love.

I spent my last hours immersed in the nearby river to ease the pain, but I didn’t attack anyone or did anything foolish, because we are animals, we don’t make trouble without cause. You listening ?

This world didn’t deserve you

Rest In Peace 😘

I will be arriving shortly …

Your Elephant Mother

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