Still Life – Matches in the case

For me every sketch is a step closer to expertise. When I choose a sketch, it seems very hard(almost impossible to draw) to me and I have that feeling that I can’t do justice with it. But once it is finished, it comes up with the feeling of surprise, wonder and happiness.

Each artwork I take up, as amateur and that keeps my hunger alive to learn and to be better.

I was drawing this sketch from past 3 weeks (not all days but 1 or 2 times a week) and finally got it complete in my recent local meet-up (its an app where like minded people can meet and do things together).

Here is the whole process of it’s development during course of weeks :-

Week 1 :-

Initial phase – 2/2

Week 2 :-

Shaping up – 2/16
Outline – 2/16

Week 3 :-

At the finish line – 2/23
Final Sketch – 2/23

You might be thinking why I take that much time for a sketch , but I love the detailing and drawing the image in form of lines, dots and patches so every work is like creating a sculpture for me.

Tell me if you liked the sketch and what are the improvement areas ?

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