Domestic Travel In India During COVID

Recently I took a domestic flight from Delhi to Pune through Air India Airline. It was my first day outside home, since March. Everything seemed normal but weird, nothing like before. Even though more people can be seen on the roads, shops are open, transport is busy and travelers are moving here and there with their baggage at airport but still something is missing. What is that something ? I guess you know that already 🙂

I wanted to share the necessary details and norms, for travel in India in current situation.

Must Have Items :-

1. Boarding Pass (printed or mobile)

2. Aarogya Setu Mobile App (Government app for COVID assessment)

3. Health Undertaking Confirmation ( Mandatory to fill during online check-in )

4. Government Issued ID (Original – Aadhar, PAN, Voter ID, Passport etc. )

At The Airport :-

1. Bags must go through disinfection machine, just outside airport entrance for sanitation.

2. Airline representative will provide health-declaration form to all travelers. It contains passenger name, contact number, arrival city, destination city, destination address, flight no. , seat no. , medical questions etc to fill.

3. Boarding pass and ID must be shown to security personnel, from safe distance through mirror, at the entrance.

4. Once permitted, body temperature will be checked for COVID test along with Aarogya Setu app installed on traveler’s mobile phone.

If all cleared, you are allowed to enter

Baggage Check-In And Seat Allocation :-

1. Boarding pass needs to be given to airline executive and baggage to be submitted for check-in.

2. Health undertaking confirmation e-mail to be shown to executive.

3. Gate and other details along with physical boarding pass will be provided by executive


Not much difference in security, except maintaining social distance.

At The Gate :-

Just before boarding, all passengers will be provided PPE kits which contains mask, sanitizers and face-shield and additional gloves, hair & shoe covers and disposable gown for middle seat passengers.

With PPE Kit

Inside Flight

While boarding, health declaration form, earlier provided, will be collected by airline staff.

My flight had layover of 55 minutes in Indore city, where whole flight was sanitized. We all were sitting inside during the process, while Indore passengers vacated the plane .

Once flight reached at the destination i.e. Pune, all passengers stepped out of the plane, while maintaining social distance, and were provided a form which required information such as name, flight, seat no. , destination address, phone number and health questionnaire.

Social Distance

After collection of the baggage, at the exit gate, same form had to be submitted to the authorized person and he asked the basic details and plans of further travel. He applied home quarantine stamp on my hand.

Quarantine Mark

Quarantine rules differ from state to state, like for Pune it’s mandatory 14 days home quarantine. Make sure to check the rules of the state you are traveling to –


Hope this helps. If you any question or doubt, leave your comments below.

Stay safe !


Adios Junio

Last week proved to be very busy and tiring, full of deadlines, commitments and responsibilities. Due to busy schedule, I couldn’t get time to write at all, although reading continued.

Anyways as Today is last day of June, let’s do a retrospective (Agile terminology) –

1. Unbearable Heat :- Without mentioning the heat of June, this post is incomplete. So much heat in North Indian region, that going on roof to give water to plants was a challenge. One day you miss to give water to plants and they are close to dead. Temperature was always on rise and same goes with humidity (between 40-50%). Somehow we are able to pass it, let’s see what we have next in July.

2. Lock-down eased :- So finally, lock-down in India is in partial unlock state. There are less restrictions in unlock, that too differs from State to State. Below given are the relaxations provided to us :-

Domestic Travel Allowed

Local Transportation Resumed (Taxi, Uber etc)

Trains Started ( Partial)

Shops ( Almost all kind of excluding Barber shops, Gyms etc)

Market ( In alternate ways; few areas one day, rest on other days)

Work Offices ( Depends on company )

Unlock 2.0 will start soon, probably in couple of days. In next unlock, there will be less restrictions, but gyms, pools, international travel will not likely be resumed.

3. Photography opportunities :- If you have followed this blog, you might have seen my earlier posts related to photography. Even though still trapped inside, got many opportunities for nice shots. Here are few of my favorites :-

Beautiful Flower of my Garden


Smile worth Million Dollars

Life in Corona

Work resumed

4. Meditation :- Everyone knows the benefits of meditation, I need not to talk about that. I always wanted to try it but never had patience for it. During lock-down, I started using Headspace application, initially with 5 mins a day, that too not regular, but after practice I found it really helpful and now a necessary part of my daily routine. From the start of June, I am doing daily 15 mins of meditation and it’s totally worth. Honestly my mind is more calm, active and at ease.

5. Spanish learning :- As mentioned in my earlier post 5 Must Have Apps For Your Mobile ,I am learning Spanish with Duolingo app. It’s unbelievable that I am on 79 days streak. I learned counting, relationships, office formalities, travel communications and read short stories.

6. Reading :- I love reading and probably its the best time to pursue this hobby. I don’t recall when we had this much time for self-improvement. I guess June proved to be most productive so far, as I completed 8 books which are listed below :-

Red Russia (Rating -> 3/5)

Devdas (Rating -> 3/5)

7 Secrets of Vishnu (Rating -> 4/5)

Night of the Rat (Rating -> 4/5)

The Kaunteyas (Rating -> 3/5)

Immortal India : Articles and Speeches by Amish (Rating -> 3/5)

7 Secrets of Shiva (Rating -> 4/5)

The book thief (Rating -> 5/5)

To read the reviews of all above books :-

My reviews

So that’s how my June went, how about you ?


A Beautiful Relationship

I keep myself busy by reading either books or blogs I follow. Recently I came across a post, in which blogger posted beautiful pictures of squirrel and birds of his garden. I got nostalgic for my Omaha apartment. As many of you might be aware that I am stuck in India due to COVID situation and It will take some time for international travel to resume.

Anyways back to our topic, so I was missing my apartment in Omaha, Nebraska. I have a balcony attached to living room which is my favorite place of the house. Couch in room is facing the balcony sideways. I used to sit there and appreciate the beauty of nature. There is a bird feeder hanging from one of the pillar in balcony. It’s a delight watching birds from the window, eating and feeding their kids.

There are 2-3 squirrels (my best guess, they all look same ) living on a tree close to my apartment. Soon they also started coming to eat. When I noticed a squirrel in my balcony first, I was so happy as they look very cute and photogenic. My camera gave me a wink too.

On tree branch

On ground during snow season

I took countless shots during the year and soon she got very comfortable by my presence unlike birds ,they don’t believe us easily. Don’t know, would there be a day when birds will also behave the same. Soon there was a time when squirrel and birds were eating together; birds mostly on bird-feed and railings while squirrel on ground. What a sight !

Wow, nice decor

Eye contact

Hey, What’s Up ?

Lunch time

There were times when I used to open the door and lie down on the floor, camera in hand to take shots, while she was busy eating. Soon this relationship developed and we had more trust on each other. Even if bird-feeder was full, I used to scatters food on balcony floor, just for the sake of squirrel.

Catch me if you can

Busy time

As the day passed, she started peeping inside (intelligent creature) in case of non availability (of food). To welcome her, I used to fetch food for her and then open the sliding-door slowly. She used to move away noticing food in my hands and wait patiently for me to finish scattering. This was kind of a routine for both of us.

Anyone Home ?

Soon she was no longer afraid of me that I can read in her those shiny eyes. But I had confidence, she will never cross her limits. One day, I was working from home, sitting on the couch, laptop on lap. She arrived and didn’t find the food. As usual she peeped inside, kind of knocked hard, getting the signal, I bought food for her. I opened the door and waited for her to move away but she was right there clinging to the door. How could I take the risk of her entrance in my house, so I waited longer. But no, she was not backing down from her place. Furiously, to teach her a lesson (No food today for you), I closed the door and sat back on my couch. I never expected what was coming.

She became restless thus violent and started biting my door-net. Within seconds, she made a big hole with his big sharp (Devilish) teeth in that net. Now she was striking with her tiny paws to my door glass. To be honest, that moment, I was really afraid and was praying mirror to hold enough for her attack to cease. Thank God, glass was strong, she realized that as well. After few more punches, she gave up and went back to her tree house. I felt relaxed.

How to break this stupid glass ?

After this episode, she came around 10-12 times, making hole even bigger and trying to break the glass but couldn’t succeed. I also paid no attention to her, simply ignored her. Finally she stopped coming and this was the end of a beautiful relationship.

Damaged Net

End of a relationship

What I learned from this : –

1. Don’t feed wild animals

2. Even if you wish to, don’t make them too comfortable

3. Don’t overdo anything

4. If relationship gets bad, mostly it’s our fault, not theirs

This episode may have turned sour but still I can’t stop myself loving all creatures and appreciate Mother Nature.


What he is doing ?

To start with …

There used to be a king of a very prosperous kingdom. His only worry was his own son whose deeds were the cause of suffering for whole kingdom. Prince never believed in existence of God, so used to punish those who chant the prayers and worship Gods.

King shared this with the ministers of his court. They assured him that time will bring maturity to the prince and he will start to respect others’ feelings & believes.

Finally that day came, when king was prepared for his final destination. At his death-bed, he bid farewell to all and blessed his son to be a good king, gave him instructions to run the Kingdom along with keeping everyone satisfied.

As per the customs, prince was asked to take oath, God as witness, before taking the throne. To the horrors of all, prince simply refused to take oath. His argument was simple though, “I can’t take oath of anyone whom I can’t see or feel.” Everyone was puzzled, how to convince him to follow the age old tradition.

When ministers argued with King, he announced “ I will accept the existence of God and will follow whatever needed, only if anyone will answer these 3 question –

1. Where is he (God)?

2. Where he is looking ?

3. What he is doing right now ? “

Announcement was done in kingdom that the person, who will satisfy the king with his/her answers will be rewarded and If nobody would be successful, all temples will be taken down and nobody would be allowed to practice religion anymore.

Many intelligent and spiritual people came forward but none was having proper answers. Most of them said God is omnipresent and only can be felt by practice and meditation. King was dissatisfied and somewhat happy that no one is able to answer his questions.

Only 1 day was left, before king‘s order for demolitions, so his prime-minister was very sad. Noticing the worried face of her father, his daughter inquired the reason. She, who herself was very spiritual, sought permission to go in court and answer the questions. Reluctantly father gave the approval.

Next day she went to court and asked king to provide a vessel full with milk. Puzzled King asked his servants to bring milk-filled vessel.

She asked to king- “What you see in my hands ?”

King replied – “ I see, milk.”

She said – “But I can see butter, curd and cheese too. Don’t you see them ? Who can deny the existence of all these item ? All of them can be extracted through processing of this milk. Same way God is also present in this body, but can be seen and realised only through meditation by knowing the self.“

King was speechless and to some extent embarrassed. He said – “ Ok, that sounds logical, but what about my other 2 questions? “

She replied – “ To answer your second question, I need a burning candle.”

A burning candle was provided.

She asked – “My dear King, can you tell, where this candle-flame is looking ? “

King replied – “ Everywhere, it’s removing the darkness from all around. It’s not looking at any particular direction.“

She smiled and said “O King, this is the answer of your second question. God is also looking everywhere just like this candle and illuminating the world with his radiance.”

Impressed king said – “Now provide the answer of my last question – what he is doing right now ? “

She said – “To answer that question, we have to interchange our places. I am like your Guru due to knowledge I am sharing with you. So act as a disciple and come to my place. “

Curious king interchanged his position with her and stood in the court.

She sat on the throne and said – “Almighty has made king like you an ordinary man standing in the court and me as your Guru sitting on this throne. This is what he is doing right now. Nothing is possible without his consent.”

Highly impressed by girl, king rewarded her and kept his promise. He gave freedom to all citizens to practice their religions in whichever way possible.

Moral – We should always respect the believes, sentiments and religions of others. Paths are different but destination is same. Even non-believers should not be compelled to follow any particular path. Each one has to discover the ultimate truth by himself.

ओम् नमो भगवते वासुदेवाय !

Great Sand Dunes National Park

Recently I published an article about ongoing scorching heat in India. Soon after that, we had decent rainfall and I thought temperature will come down now. But I was wrong, humidity only increased (I live in Northern India) and it appears that Sun-Lord wants to show his full potential to us. While wiping my sweat with orange-colored cloth, “hot” scenes of Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado flashed in my troubled mind.

Last year when we covered Pikes Peak, the day before we visited this Dunes national park. When we first saw sand-dunes from distance, we were like, c’mon, we came too far to see this ? Dunes were looking like tiny sand mountains spread across considerably small region. But as we reached closer, we realized our misjudgment.

Dunes were so huge that people climbing on them were looking like ants carrying food on a slope. There was a long line of cars at the park entrance and as you might have guessed, parking was a big problem. We waited in the car close to 45 min, took the park ticket and to our luck, we got parking space after circling the lot for 2-3 times, when a great soul pulled out his car from the space (for us 🙂 ).

At the entrance, they have visitor center, consisting of informative material, food items (very basic) and models to represent the history of the park. By the way, it has the tallest sand dunes in North America. Dunes are visible from visitor center and one has to pass through Medano creek (Seasonal) to reach at the bottom of Dunes. Believe me, that was a delightful sight to see water just before sand dunes and that too ice-cold, our feet got numb.

I consider myself Athletic (others might disagree) and I love trekking. I have spent close to 5 years, trekking the famous forts from moderate to difficult level in Maharashtra, India. Sand dunes were totally a different experience all together.

3 things that makes trekking tough on Dunes

Sand : Movement on it, makes it really hard to proceed. Each step is an addition to the tiredness. Our calves and knees were burning too much while ascending.

Wind : It’s too windy out there and that too full of sand. It’s hard to see and proceed. Piece of Advice – Don’t go in shorts, I tried that and my legs were paining due to harsh rumbling of sand.

Slope : Last but not least is the slopes of Dunes which make it difficult to reach at pinnacle. But trekking is all about toughness and strength, so no complaints 😊

It took more than expected time to reach at the top of chosen dune (there are too many) and we were sweating, panting and smiling. Path may be difficult and painful but success always brings joy to the soul. We sat there and watched other ant-sized creatures climbing up.

After spending few minutes there (due to wind, not comfortable), we came down which was the easiest part. Many of the visitors were also involved in games like snowboarding which was fun to watch.

Nature always surprises me and will continue to do so. It was a memorable trip, even though hot and tiring but totally worth of it.

There is a restaurant at the exit of the national park where we had dinner before moving to our next destination.

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Rich June

Even though, there are few relaxations in Lock-down, it’s better to be inside. Cases are increasing exponentially in India. Being a photographer, it’s really hard to remain inside. If I would have interest in Still-Life Photography, scenario could have been different, but I love to be in nature and capture its elements through my camera lens.

That being said, it’s also true that when you want something, you get it based on the intensity of your desire. June started on a promising note, providing numerous chances for wildlife shots, in vicinity of my home. Special mention of my Father is needed here, who bought my attention to those little friends.

Here comes my favorite 6 shots :-

Poking Head


Thirst of Ganga


Black in White

Rooftop under Toes

These are few of many shots taken. All of them are taken either from my house’s window or door. You just need to be at right place at right time in order to get them. Hope you like the pictures. Share your thoughts.



Who is Animal Here ?

Sorry kiddo – I couldn’t give you birth, you couldn’t see the word outside this womb. Yes, I am sad because I failed you but to think other way it’s better you didn’t witness the ugliness of this world. It’s good to avoid the evil.

Let me tell you my story though before we say goodbye to each other.

I live in Kerala’s Silent valley national park which is not silent anymore. They say I am 15 years old though I never kept track of my age. Just one month ago, I found out that you are in my womb. How happy I was, I always wanted a kid. When you travel with your tiny legs and small trunk with the group, between our legs, that sight and feeling of responsibility is just awesome. I also dreamt of taking care of you, making you bath, feeding you and of course loving you.

This May 27, most frightful animal of this planet, known as Human fed me fruits. By the way I love fruits and especially in this condition, it’s good to have such nutrition as it will benefit you my sweetheart 😘. Fruit was looking good but seems like someone tampered it. After consumption, I realised it was containing explosives, oh my poor baby 😞, sorry I never knew else I would not have taken it. I even tried vomit it but damage was already done. Now my tounge and jaws are broken and I am in unimaginable pain. But that pain is nothing in comparison of your loss my love.

I spent my last hours immersed in the nearby river to ease the pain, but I didn’t attack anyone or did anything foolish, because we are animals, we don’t make trouble without cause. You listening ?

This world didn’t deserve you

Rest In Peace 😘

I will be arriving shortly …

Your Elephant Mother

Knowing Self – The Brahma

Yajanvalkya, an ancient Vedic sage, was very popular for his philosophy and spiritual knowledge. He used to live through alms given (old Hindu practice for Brahmins) and rewards obtained in Vedic discussions. His wife Maitreyi was also a wise and spiritual lady respected everywhere.

One day after winning a debate on Vedic science , arranged in the court of King Janak of Mithila, which took ugly turn when lost Brahmin committed suicide due to guilty, Yajanvalkya came home lost in deep thoughts.

Deeply saddened by that incident, during dinner time, Yajanvalkya told her wives (2 wives) about his decision to renounce this world. He asks both his wives to share whatever he possessed ,to which other wife agrees after consolation , but Maitreyi refused as she knew material things don’t provide eternal joy. She asks her husband, what is the use of these things for me without you ? What joy I can get from them ? Why it is hard to leave your beloved ones behind in search of Self ? Please guide me with your spiritual knowledge, Share your ultimate knowledge with me to clear my doubts.

That famous conversation between Yajanvalkya and Maitreyi appears in many Hindu religious text like Brihadaranyaka Upanishad.

Sanskrit :-

स होवाच: न वा अरे पत्युः कामाय पतिः प्रियो भवति, आत्मनस्तु कामाय पतिः प्रियो भवति । न वा अरे जायायै कामाय जाया प्रिया भवति, आत्मनस्तु कामाय जाया प्रिया भवति । न वा अरे पूत्राणां कामाय पुत्राः प्रिया भवन्ति, आत्मनस्तु कामाय पुत्राः प्रिया भवन्ति । न वा अरे वित्तस्य कामाय वित्तं प्रियं भवति, आत्मनस्तु कामाय वित्तं प्रियं भवति । न वा अरे ब्रह्मणः कामाय ब्रह्म प्रियं भवति, आत्मनस्तु कामाय ब्रह्म प्रियं भवति । न वा अरे क्षत्रस्य कामाय क्षत्रं प्रियं भवति, आत्मनस्तु कामाय क्षत्रं प्रियं भवति । न वा अरे लोकानां कामाय लोकाः प्रिया भवन्ति, आत्मनस्तु कामाय लोकाः प्रिया भवन्ति । न वा अरे देवानां कामाय देवाः प्रिया भवन्ति, आत्मनस्तु कामाय देवाः प्रिया भवन्ति । न वा अरे भूतानां कामाय भूतानि प्रियाणि भवन्ति, आत्मनस्तु कामाय भूतानि प्रियाणि भवन्ति । न वा अरे सर्वस्य कामाय सर्वं प्रियं भवति, आत्मनस्तु कामाय सर्वं प्रियं भवति । आत्मा वा अरे द्रष्टव्यः श्रोतव्यो मन्तव्यो निदिध्यासितव्यो मैत्रेयि, आत्मनो वा अरे दर्शनेन श्रवणेन मत्या विज्ञानेनेदं सर्वं विदितम्

Translation :-

He said – husband is not loved because he is husband, he is loved for the sake of self. Wife is not loved because she is wife, she is loved for the sake of self. Sons are not dear since they are sons, they are dears for the sake of self. Money is not desired as it is money, it is desired for the sake of self. Brahmin is not loved since he is Brahmin, he is loved for the sake of self. Kshatriya is not loved since he is Kshatriya, he is loved for the sake of Self. World is not lovely since it’s world, it’s lovely for the sake of self. Gods are not loved since they are Gods, they are loved for the sake of self. People are loved not because they are people, they are loved for the sake of self. All are not loved because of them, they are loved for the sake of self. Self should be seen, listen, reflected and meditated my dear Maitreyi , All is known through seeing, listening and meditating the self.

Sanskrit :-

ब्रह्म तं परादाद्योऽन्यत्रात्मनो ब्रह्म वेद, क्षत्रं तं परादाद्योऽन्यत्रात्मनः क्षत्रं वेद, लोकास्तं परादुर्योऽन्यत्रात्मनो लोकान्वेद, देवास्तं परादुर्योऽन्यत्रात्मनो देवान्वेद, भूतानि तं परादुर्योऽन्यत्रात्मनो भूतानि वेद, सर्वं तं परादाद्योऽन्यत्रात्मनः सर्वं वेद; इदं ब्रह्म, इदं क्षत्रम्, इमे लोकाः, इमे देवाः, इमामि भूतानि, इदं सर्वं यदयमात्मा

Translation :-

Brahma leaves him who seeks Brahma somewhere else, Kshhatriya leaves him who seeks Kshhatriya somewhere else, World abandons him who seeks world somewhere else, Gods leave him who seeks gods somewhere else, People leave him who seeks people somewhere else, everyone leave him who seeks everyone somewhere else. This is Brahma, This is Kshhatriya, This is world, This is god, This is people, This Soul is everything.

In short, everything is inside us. We just need to find out our real self. Any person is loved not because he is lovely it’s only because his company, dialogues and deeds give comfort to our soul. Thus what matters is Self only, who is the reflection of Supreme, just like moon shines in the reflection of Sun.

Know yourself


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Respite from Heat

These days temperature is too high in India , you can actually make tea by infusing leaves with water and putting for a while on rooftop 😛 . Sweating and bathing are actually interchangeable nowadays.

Last week many states broke records, few reporting even 50 degree (122 F). Temperature here in Mathura (My hometown) is oscillating between 40-50 degrees. Mind is thus trying to get respite from this heat through some good “cold” memories.

Yesterday I was busy reading book titled “Not Guilty” on Kindle app, story based on Colorado, USA. Let me tell you, Colorado is one of my favorite place, solitude and beauty of which provides joy to my soul. I have been there two times in last two years. While reading the book, I got lost in the beauty of Colorado along with book’s character.

Last year we (Me and Harmit) went to Colorado in April month and stayed in Colorado Springs. Weather was kind of hot that time. We planned to visit Pikes Peak – highest summit of southern front range of Rocky Mountains, which was very near from our stay.

Pond on the way to Peak

We drove through Pikes peak highway – 19 miles drive with elevation of 14,115 feet. This drive was one of the steepest among all our previous trips and full of breathtaking views. Temperature completely flipped as we progressed thus requiring hats, gloves and jackets. Luckily we had all such stuff with us (Learning from past – South Dakota trip). It was fun to wear winter clothes and notice skaters enjoying over the scattered ice everywhere in surroundings.

Beautiful scenery of Pikes Peak

Once we reached at the shuttle point (huge area with parking space) from where you have to on-board shuttle service. We waited for our turn (frequency is slow due to steep road) close to 25 mins and then reached at the top after listening about the area from lady driver. There used to be a railway service as well to reach here (currently under renovation) which must have been a good experience too.

Top view of the shuttles

Railway Track at the top

They have Visitor center at the top with small restaurant serving freshly prepared doughnuts, potato chips, coffee and other items which was icing on the cake in that cold weather. Once you are at the top, you will be mesmerized by the look. You can see the long range of mountains along with clouds just over your head. Just by thinking about that place gives me goosebumps. I am desperate to go there again.

Pikes Peak Souvenir


See the video of surrounding below :-

View at the Top

Once you come back to parking spot through shuttle, you will be advised to drive in lower gears (manual mode) so as not to damage your vehicle. It was a memorable day still fresh in my memory.

Returning through Shuttle

Do you also have any such memory ? Which place is your favorite where you can go N number of times ? Leave your comments below.


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Where do you search me ?

Where do you search me?

I am with you

Not in pilgrimage, not in idols

Neither in solitary living

Not in temples, nor in mosques

Neither in Kaba nor in Kailasa

Not in prayers,nor in meditation

Neither in fasting nor in prohibition

Not in vedic procedure

Nor in yogic postures

Not even in sky or universe

Neither in womb of nature

Not in the breath of the breaths

If you are a true seeker

In a moment than you discover

Says Kabir, listen with care

Where your faith is, I am there.

Original text (In Hindi)

मोको कहाँ ढूंढे रे बन्दे

मै तो तेरे पास में

ना तीरथ में ना मूरत में

ना एकांत निवास में

ना मंदिर में ना मस्जिद में

ना काबे कैलास में

ना में जप में ना में तप में

ना में बरत उपास में

ना में क्रिया करम में रहता

नहिं जोग संन्यास में

ना ब्रह्माण्ड आकाश में

ना में प्रकृति प्रवार गुफा में

नहिं स्वांसो की स्वांस में

खोजि होए तुरत मिल जाऊं

इक पल की तालास में

कहत कबीर सुनो भई साधो

मै तो हूँ विश्वास में

I still remember this beautiful poem by Saint Kabir, we learned in childhood (In Hindi coursework). That time our teacher taught the in-depth meaning of the poem, even though beautifully explained, we couldn’t get the real intent of it.

Today while I have all the time in world to think and retrospect, I recited it and couldn’t resist to share this masterpiece with you. Such artworks are like nectar of spirituality which everyone should taste. Those who are eager to visit Temples, Churches, Mosques and Gurudwaras, can feel the presence of Supreme Lord within themselves. Just need to search him 🙂