Goodreads of April 2022

Those of you who have gone through the process of buying a house must be well aware of the time, energy, and effort required for it. We have been tremendously busy looking for a home for the past 2 months, so we didn’t get enough time to do anything else, be it traveling, blogging, or photography. The only thing that was still doable was reading, and I managed to read 5 books in April.

The Lost World is a classic book, and there is a reason for that. The plot, narrative, and writing style are excellent. The story is narrated by a journalist who becomes part of an expedition to verify the claims of a professor named Challenger about the existence of a hidden Jurassic place. The story is so engaging and believable that the reader gets completely lost in this Lost world. The start of the expedition, constant arguments between the two professors, various encounters, different situations, and the exploration of the destination make the plot really interesting. The author provides a unique visualization of this story through his narration. The author’s knowledge of the subject is evident, and the reader gets to know many facts from the Jurassic period.
What difficulties they face during their exploration of that place, how they come out of them, and whether they would be able to make their findings believable to the world are the plot’s highlights.
I really enjoyed this classic and recommend it to every fantasy lover. Truly a masterpiece, and this would also be the book of the month.

A brilliant classic science fiction Frankenstein is about a science enthusiast named Frankenstein who achieves the impossible by giving life to his specimen after continuous trial and error. His happiness is short-lived when he realizes his mistake; he has created a monster with an ugly face and deformity. He abandons his creation. The monster knows nothing about this world and is as innocent as a child. His father left him, so now he has to learn everything himself despite the hate he receives from everyone who gets just a glimpse of him.
There comes a time when both monster and Frankenstein meet, but things are different and out of hand now. The plot keeps the reader hooked up till the end. The sensibility of the monster’s request to Frankenstein and his take on that are explained beautifully. It becomes hard to decide which one of them is right. It’s a story about thrill, murder, and revenge.

S. No.TitleAuthorFormatGenreRating
1The Lost WorldDoyle, Arthur ConanKindle Fantasy5/5
2FrankensteinShelley, MaryKindle Science Fiction4/5
3The CaimanManrique, Maria EugeniaKindleChildren Book3/5
4Mr. Mercedes (Bill Hodges Trilogy, #1)King, Stephen *BookThriller3/5
5Through the WoodsCarroll, EmilyBookHorror3/5
April Reads

First of all, The Caiman is a children’s book, so judging it from an adult perspective is not appropriate. The illustrations in the story are impressive, and so is the story, and it’s based on the actual events.
The story is about a man who adopts a baby caiman and how he takes care of him. The caiman becomes the center of attraction for everyone, indirectly helping in the growth of his business due to increased visits of customers. The bonding between them is beyond imagination, and it reminds me of the “Hachiko” movie. Nice and short read.

A retired detective’s life becomes meaningful when he receives a taunting letter from the psycho killer of an unsolved case. It’s a typical cat-and-mouse chase novel in which the killer is revealed from the beginning. How does the detective catches him, and at what cost is the plot of Mr. Mercedes (Bill Hodges Trilogy, #1).
The detective is old school, so his unfamiliarity with gadgets and technical stuff is evident. While on the other hand, the killer is a techie, so a few important characters are introduced in the plot to make this contrast work.
Overall it’s an engaging story, but the climax falls flat. It could have been better.

If the judgment is based on the illustrations, then Through the Woods deserves a 5/5 rating. The pictures are so good that I had to read the book slowly to absorb and appreciate the art, and it’s a short read, barely half an hour of reading.
Although the genre is Horror and the stories(5 short stories) are interesting, they are not horrific. The ending of almost every story is a dud. But it was a nice read; credit to the beautiful artwork.

Happy Reading! Keep Traveling !!!

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