Goodreads Of November 2021

November month went too fast. We celebrated the birthday of my elder sister on our Colorado trip and sent our best birthday wishes to the younger one, living in Canada. Other than that we stayed pretty much at home. Winter is already at the doorstep, so no more hiking. I managed to read 4 books during this period, 3 of which were through the Kindle app and one borrowed from the library.

ट्वेल्थ फेल | Twelfth Fail | 12th Fail is a true story about IAS Manoj Kumar who despite all the odds manages to become IAS – his dream job. The story is inspiring and motivates the reader to not lose hope and be consistent.

Manoj Kumar fails in all subjects except Hindi in the 12th class examination, the prime reason for this was the District magistrate’s intervention in the ongoing cheating in the school. Although fearful for his result, Manoj gets really impressed with the persona and power of DM. That’s when he decides to be an IAS officer. The road after this was not at all easy. Being from a poor family with a father who is extremely honest and doesn’t want to move a bit from his ideology, it was difficult for him to even think about preparing for IAS. He does all kinds of odd jobs whether it’s driving an auto or taking dogs for a walk to get closer to his goal. The journey is very interesting and inspiring.

I really liked the last part of the book where Manoj’s IAS FRF interview round is elaborated. I loved the way he answers the difficult questions(tough enough to shatter his dreams) of the panel.
Recommended for the students or anyone seeking motivation in life. It was the best-selling book of 2019 in Hindi Literature.

The Last Leaf is a beautiful heart-touching short story about two women, one of which falls ill, and negativity binds her. Her hope to live totally relies on the leaves of a tree visible from her room’s window which is shading its leaves on a daily basis in the changing season. She is just waiting for the last leaf to fall and that would be her end too.

Her friend tries everything to help her friend. Another character is an old painter from their building who is still waiting for his masterpiece creation. The story is about hope, belief, love, and relations. Definitely a good read. My Second Pick of the month.

S. No.TitleAuthorFormatGenreRating
1ट्वेल्थ फेल | Twelfth Fail | 12th Fail
Pathak, Anurag
Kindle Non-Fiction 3/5
2The Last LeafHenry, O.Kindle Classic/Short Story4/5
3Perfume: The Story of a Murderer
Süskind, Patrick
BookHistorical Fiction5/5
4Chanakya NeetiJain, R.P.KindlePhilosophy4/5
November Reads

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer is my First Pick of the month. The story is about a man named Grenouille who has a unique sense of smell, so much so that he can literally smell anything be it a stone, glass, or dirt. Like a bear, he can smell from a distance, and just through his nose, he can identify the objects without having to use his eyes. As he gets aware of this unique talent, he starts developing an interest in perfume making. Once his learning desire gets satisfied, his creativity jumps in, to invent a priceless divine perfume. Will he be successful in his mission? What will happen if he succeeds? These are some questions that hook the reader with this interesting story. The story is so engaging and believable that I was actually trying to smell my body at one moment.

The writer did a phenomenal job, his understanding of perfume making is visible from his writing. There is a movie with the same name which I watched during my college days. The movie is good, but still not so believable. On the other hand, after reading this book there is no way you can’t get convinced by the narrative. That’s the beauty of the author’s writing. I gave it 5/5 stars for the author’s work and amazing plot. Highly recommended.

Chanakya Neeti has a high place among Hindu Shastras. It’s among the works of honored and celebrated Hindu Teacher, Philosopher, Economist, and Royal Guru – Chanakya. The original book is in the Sanskrit language and this book is the English translated version of that.
Basically, it’s the collection of advice extracted from Hindu Sculptures by Chanakya. What should a person do in what situation, what is Dharma, What should be the goal of life, How should one behave as a household or as a hermit, Ideal duties of a husband and wife, How to survive in foreign, such advice are presented in form of Shlokas.

The author has done a nice job decoding the ancient language. Few of the sayings might seem inappropriate, but we should not forget the time and period in which this book was written.

Have you got a chance to read any of them?

Happy Reading! Keep Traveling !!!

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