September 2021 Through My Lenses

September was a cool month. We visited South Dakota after a gap of 2 years. Last time we were there to visit Badlands National Park and other famous landmarks like Mount Rushmore and Crazy horse memorial. This time we covered Custer state park, Wind cave national park and did various hikes. This was in early September.

Other than this we had a great time with the Tree rush adventure at Fontenelle Forest. There were 6 trails of varying difficulty levels during the 2-hour activity session. Good physical strength and flexibility were required for this rope and zipline course. We enjoyed each and every moment there.

All of the photographs for the month were taken in our South Dakota trip, that too from Custer state park. Park is so beautiful and rich in wildlife that we wonder why it’s not a national park despite its immense beauty.

Now is the time for you to time travel with me in those beautiful moments:-

What did you do in September? Have you even been to Custer State Park?

Happy Reading! Keep Traveling !!!

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