After-Effects Of The Storm

In the last post, I shared our experience with the Storm. By now most of the things are back to normal. As per the latest reports from OPPD this Friday, all power outages from the area are restored. Still, restoration work is going on in various parks and common trails.

2 days after the storm, I went for a walk in the neighborhood. Harmit didn’t accompany me due to some commitments. During the walk, I thought of visiting Elmwood park, which is like 15 mins walk from our apartment.

Elmwood park is one of my favorite parks in Omaha. First due to its proximity from our apartment and secondly due to the lush greenery and beauty of the park. In the 216 acre park, there is a golf course, a decent pavilion for events, a public pool ,and a baseball field. It provides a nice environment for photoshoots. I actually go there often for photography. Overall it’s a popular park among locals.

Park entrance was closed for the vehicles due to the damage done by the storm. Initially hesitant, I entered the park. Traffic cones and barrels were placed there to stop the vehicles and similar signs were in the parking lots of the park.

Generally a delight to eyes, the park was looking too rough and spoiled. There were very few person like me observing the condition of the park. There were also some bicyclists in the area, otherwise the park was almost deserted. I followed the main trail and started taking photographs of the surrounding.

The trees near my apartment were intact, so I wasn’t expecting this much damage. After watching the condition of the park, I really felt sad. Many Big trees, witnesses of my numerous walks in the park were uprooted and were lying down on the ground like carcasses.

Few trees were too huge that they covered the whole area near them with their branches and leaves. The golf course area was super dirty. Now Golfers have to wait for a considerable time as it may take a while to clean all this.

Children’s playground has never been so quiet and deserted. It was actually looking ugly. Mostly covered with toys, it was now filled with fallen tree branches and leaves.

I covered the whole loop trail which took me around 20-25 mins. Park is so big that you can actually go to Memorial park, another famous park in the area from there. Two parks are connected through a bridge. But I didn’t go that far.

The main trail was still in better condition. I believe debris were deposited along the sides of the trail by the workers. You can guess the kind of damage with the fact that even after 1 week, the park is not yet opened for vehicles.

While returning I noticed too many dead trees and captured them through my iPhone. Others were also taking photographs from their cellphones. Since it was not a planned visit, I didn’t have my camera.

Hopefully, the park will be restored soon and it will be crowded once again.

Happy Reading ! Keep Traveling !!!

4 thoughts on “After-Effects Of The Storm

    1. Totally agree with you. Even after global warming, climate change and natural imbalances when we didn’t stop, Mother Nature took the matter in her own hands. Now it’s her way to maintain balance.


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