Cameron Peak Fire

Recently I read about the Cameron Peak Fire containment which brought back the memories of our October trip to Colorado. Most of you might be aware about the fire which was reported on August 13 and soon became largest wildfire in Colorado history with more than 200,000 acres area impacted. Finally on December 2, it was declared to be under control.

I still have beautiful pictures floating in front of my eyes. As soon as we entered the Boulder, it became evident something is different this time in Colorado. Buildings were looking stunning in the orange background and mountains were covered with smoke.

Colorado Under Impact Of Cameron Peak Fire

We reached Boulder in the evening and checked in to Residence Inn by Marriott. Hotel was at perfect location which was close to the restaurants and surrounded by trees full of fall colors. Mountain range can be seen from the property , which was just behind it. This was our first trip after March this year and we were little hesitant to stay in hotels due to COVID danger. We researched a lot before choosing this property, just to be on safer side and we were not disappointed a bit.

We were very hungry after a long drive from Omaha to Boulder, so went to Mexican restaurant for dine-in, named Old Santa Fe. This was our first dine-in experience in USA during COVID. We were asked to sit at a corner table and server came with menu wearing a mask. Service was slow but food was delicious. After finishing our food, we came to parking lot to head back to our hotel. I was in awe when noticed the sky, it was burning. We took some pictures in the glowing background.

Fire In The Air

With Masks

Smiling Harpiy !

Due to the brilliant illumination, we decided to go to some near by park to enjoy sun-set. I was really excited by thinking about the coming opportunities for photography. We went back to hotel and searched for the best parks to view sun-set on Google. Legion park was around 15 mins drive from the hotel and is rated as one of the best park for scenic views. We reached there shortly, parked our car and got ready for the short hike. It was definitely worth visit and truly scenic. Rocky mountains can be viewed from the park but they were totally covered with smoke that time.

Scenic View

Mountains In Smoke

It was very cold out there as park was on a hill. It is believed that Native Americans used this place as lookout point and park used to be known as Goodview Hill earlier. There were only 3-4 vehicles other than us and few tourists hiking and enjoying the scenery. We took some pictures and started our hike.

Evening In Legion Park

Trail was not well maintained, it was made up on a rough surface covered with weed. We followed the trek and came down from the hill and walked across the reservoir. We were alone there, so at least were relived of the trouble of wearing masks. We spent around 45 mins and then decided to return. I took numerous shots. It was too smoky that sun was less visible and so were the mountains, but overall experience was awesome. Moon in the sky was looking like a vibrant red ball, confusing it with sun.

Trail And Hike

Tree With Red Fruit

Can I Swallow

At the end Harmit shot some videos and we left for the hotel. It was basically the first day of our trip that turned out to be beautiful and memorable.

Legion Lookout

Another View

We couldn’t visit Rocky Mountain National Park in this trip due to ongoing fire, so covered mostly Boulder, Denver and nearby areas. Colorado always looks beautiful with its mesmerizing views, this time sky was also glowing. But my heart goes to the poor animals who suffered in the fire. Thankfully it is under control now. Hoping to see fully recovered Colorado soon 🙂

Happy Reading ! Keep Traveling !!!

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