Emergency Request – Visa Interview

My visa Interview was scheduled for Sep 4 at 8:30 AM. This time too, just like my Biometrics interview, I had pre-booked a taxi, which came on time and we left for US Embassy (Mumbai) at 6:00 AM. Traffic was very light, so we reached embassy at around 8:15 AM (my residence is very far from embassy). There was a small queue of nearly 15-20 applicants at the entrance (8:00 AM slot), I was asked to wait till my slot opens, which didn’t took much time.

I kept my purse, smart-watch, mobile in the taxi and got in line. There were just 7 guys ahead of me and everything was quick. We were asked to keep passport and appointment-confirmation document handy. When my turn came, documents were verified and post hand sanitization, I was asked to proceed.

Document List for the interview :-

My Documents :-

  • Passport
  • DS-160 Confirmation
  • Appointment Confirmation
  • H4 – i797
  • i94 Document
  • 4 Passport-size Photos
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Wedding Pictures
  • Aadhar Card

Husband’s Documents :-

  • i797 copy
  • Passport Copy
  • Pay Stubs – Last 3 Months
  • Bank Statements – Last 3 Months
  • Tax Return Documents – Last 4 years
  • Employment Letter
  • W2 Forms – Last 4 years

Most of the documents are never asked, but you never know, interviewer can surprise you. So better go with full preparation, carry all necessary documents. Most of the applicants were for H4 visas like me and remaining were for F1 visas (student visa).

When my turn came, I was assigned to a window with lady interviewer. She was really nice and appeared to be a new hire. I was asked to sanitize hands and to provide my passport, husband’s i797 copy and DS-160 confirmation page. She asked some basic questions, verified the documents and kept passport with her (visa approved). She informed that passport will be delivered at chosen address. I thanked her and was about to leave, when she asked to scan fingerprints, which she forgot to do earlier 🙂 .

Interview Questions :-

  1. Which place are you going to ? (City, State)
  2. Where do you stay in Omaha ? (Home address)
  3. Have you visited Omaha before ? (Y/N)
  4. What do you like about Omaha ? (Bit description about the place)
  5. What are your quarantine plans, once you reach Omaha ? (Precautions and everything for 14 days)

Whole process took just 1 hour, without wasting any time, I left for the home. I had selected the “Premium Delivery” option during emergency request, as I don’t prefer to travel much in this COVID situation.

Passport came on Sep 8 through BlueDart and it costed 500 Rs. for the premium delivery. Overall it was a smooth experience and delivery was earlier than expected. My recommendation is to go for Delivery option rather than for Pick-up.

If you have any questions, feel free to post in comment section.

Happy Reading ! Keep Traveling !!!

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